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Aurora Thomo and her Golden Bean projectCoffee Stories

Aurora Thomo

Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life (Oscar Wilde). What about Coffee? What about the gentle strokes in brewing and the emotional feelings that coffee brings? Is Art,…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
13th October 2022
Enzo Fiore coffee storyCoffee Stories

Enzo Fiore

“Never underestimate a good cup of coffee paired with some good tunes”  Hailing from the country best known for its historically rich coffee culture, Enzo Fiore comes from Naples –…
6th August 2021
Fabio SartiniCoffee Stories

Fabio Sartini

“No one believed in me and what I was doing” Meet Fabio Sartini, a humble Italian barista who placed 1st in ‘LatteArt Challenge Caffe River’ and 3rd in ‘Coffee Relay…
Lauren Horton
27th July 2021
Paola Campana not a baristaCoffee Stories

Paola Campana

Paola Campana Italy celebrates a powerful and dedicated entrepreneur. Paola Campana has been the first woman to spread coffee quality culture in Campania and Naples. Paola Campana’s story is one…
Virginia & Zoé
22nd June 2021
Coffee Stories

Gianmarco Ierardi

Gianmarco Ierardi In a strange turn of events, it wasn’t until Gianmarco Ierardi travelled half-way across the globe to Melbourne that he discovered his true passion for coffee. Founder at…
22nd March 2021
Coffee Stories

Carmela Maresca

Carmela Maresca, apart from working at Cinque Sensi bar, is also a trainer at The Latte Art Grading System and Vice President of Maestri Dell Espresso. She currently lives in…
Anna Shuayre
19th February 2021
Coffee Stories

Carmen Clemente

“Even if my hands were shaking, I still managed to do a respectable job and become the new Italian Latte Art Champion” Carmen Clemente has always put her passions first.…
Daniel Cusini
10th October 2020
Coffee Stories

Simone Guidi

Simone Guidi’s story began back in 2010 when he was working as a bartender and had a customer who asked him for a cappuccino. It was then, he admits, that…
Ronita Dragomir
7th July 2020