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Develop an application (web, mobile, etc.) that supports the specialty coffee industry.

Time Frame

48 hours


No restrictions regarding the used technologies.


Anyone or any team (up to 5 persons)


* Respecting the theme
* Technical difficulty
* Impressiveness
* Usefulness

Find Coffee Around You

No matter where you are, we want to help you find the best coffee with ease.


Have coffee delivered to your door with a few clicks, we help small business to grow and shine.

notabarista app

For a philanthropic vision

We vision a world connected with coffee, we help coffee people most in need.

Always connected

Coffee is always about the community, meet friends and partners and discover more opportunities.

Our vision - To connect the world with coffee

This project is for the future that everyone is connected.

#brewathome is a global social campaign to help the coffee community and our customers during the current global pandemic. As an NPO with the vision to connect the world with coffee, we are building a mobile application to help our #brewathome partners and coffee lovers. Let’s create a connected coffee world together.

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