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Stay Safe and #brewathome

We encourage people to buy coffee online from local roasters, and brew tasty coffee at home.

#brewathome is a global social campaign to help the coffee community and our customers during the current global pandemic. Through the #brewathome campaign, we are able to build a platform to connect everyone in the coffee industry. We collect and share coffee tutorials and brewing tips, organize online coffee events. Moreover, we team up with hundreds of international coffee brands to give back real value to the community.


#brewathome represents our desire to support coffee and the people who love it. We are aware of the economic impact that this situation will have on baristas and coffee lovers alike. We want to help as we can – by creating a fun, welcoming community as well as providing tips and inspiration for brewing great coffee at home.

We firmly believe that coffee means connection: be it an espresso at the end of a big family meal; a cappuccino with your best friend; the random chat with another customer at your favourite coffee shop, or the time spent with a colleague recharging with some bean juice in the office. Right now, we miss our family, friends, colleagues, and favourite baristas. It’s a moment when connection and support are needed more than ever before

#Brewathome wants to help by offering a safe space where people can bond, connect, share good coffee-making practices, entertain each other with challenges, and zoom parties. At the same time, we want to support roasters, coffee toolmakers, and baristas by promoting their work and encouraging people to buy their coffee and brew it in the safety of their homes.

Any contribution is very much welcome: coffee lovers can support the project by tagging us in a video, photo, or Instagram story and using the hashtag #brewathome. As a first step, we are now trying to support roasters and coffee tools companies worldwide.

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Share #brewathome with the world

Your local coffee community needs your help more than ever.
Download the images below and share them on your Instagram, tag your local roasters and coffee businesses.

If you couldn’t find your native language, please contact us

Special thanks to L.A Coffee Masters ‘19 Champion Carlos de la Torre for the Spanish translation, updated by Andrea Pérez de Celis on 04.04.2020

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Special thanks to Francisco Siviero for the Portuguese translation

Special thanks to ABC Roasters for the Russian translation

Special thanks to Irina for the Russian translation, May 6, 2020.

Special thanks to Moka specialist/Coffee blogger Valentina for the Italian translation

Special thanks to Sulaiman for the Arabic translation

Special thanks to Hario Japan for the translation

Special thanks to Laetitia R for the French translation

Special thanks to Sebastian Franzén for the Swedish translation

Special thanks to Tzanetos Dalietos for the Greek translation


Why you should join #brewathome campaign?

#brewathome offers you a world of potential. We use the cross-promotion strategy to promote our partners on Instagram, we help you boost brand exposure, reach new customers, and increase sales. It is like working in a team, make a repost each time we tag you, participate in our multi-partner giveaway, we help each other in difficult time, and build long term relationships with each other. 

We ​​​encourage coffee lovers to dive in, roll up their sleeves, and take on the many opportunities to discover new coffee beans, new brewing gears, and different brewing methods to #brewathome with fun and more human connection with others. There are unlimited opportunities for you to meet your business partners, seek new collaborations, and growth opportunities.

As an NPO, we don’t take any commission from any partners promoted in this campaign. We just want to connect the dots and help coffee business and coffee people

How to help your local roasters?

The best way to support your local coffee roasteries is to make a direct purchase from their webshop. Thanks to our partners, you can use code brewathome to get your special offers. We created this special #brewathome roaster map to help you discover affordable and tasty coffee around you.

Want to help your coffee community?

During the current pandemic, your coffee community needs your help more than ever. Currently, we are looking for volunteers to help us with the #brewathome campaign. If you are good at…

content writing, copywriting, marketing, media & press, sales, storytelling, blogging, podcasting,
photography, videography, graphic design, UX/UI
project management, fundraising, legal & law,
APP developing, web developing, or you’re a passionate barista/roaster with a great network in the coffee community, welcome to join our team.

Check our core team, volunteers