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Hello and a warm welcome to our MOMENTEM family! You’ve just embarked on an incredible journey with your new MOMENTEM grinder, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our coffee revolution. Your trust and support mean the world to us.

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How to adjust the crank?

adjustable crank

MOMENTEM not only considers diverse brewing methods but also takes into account the unique physical characteristics of the users. As coffee enthusiasts, we may share a common passion, but our arm lengths and hand sizes vary considerably. To address these differences, MOMENTEM features an adjustable crank arm that can be customized from 12.95cm to 15.95cm. This seemingly minor adjustment ensures a comfortable and personalized coffee brewing experience, highlighting that even the smallest changes can have a profound impact.

How to Use the Replacement Kit?

Answer: If you’ve received our replacement kit, this guide is for you. The kit is designed to enhance your MOMENTEM grinder experience and address specific concerns.


For Silicon Pad Replacement: The kit includes a brand-new bottom lid to replace if your grinder’s silicon pad on the bottom has issues. Simply remove the old bottom lid and replace it with the new one provided in the kit for a fresh start.

How to sift with sieves?

How to use the Dechaff Sieve?

How to reset the fine-grinding unit? (The 2nd conical burr)

How Does Two-Step Grinding Affect Particle Distribution?

Disclaimer for Two-Step Grinding and Particle Distribution

Please Note: While we at I’M NOT A BARISTA have dedicated ourselves to designing and creating the MOMENTEM grinder, we fully acknowledge that the world of coffee science is vast and ever-evolving. Our insights and findings on two-step grinding and its impact on particle distribution are based on our current understanding and testing.

We are passionate about coffee and committed to continuous learning. It’s important to recognize that, like any field of study, our current perspectives on coffee grinding and particle distribution might evolve with further research and discoveries. We could be wrong, or there might be more to uncover in this topic.

Our goal is to share what we’ve learned and to invite conversation and exploration. We encourage our community of coffee enthusiasts to keep an open mind, experiment, and contribute to the broader understanding of coffee science. Together, we can continue to grow and refine our knowledge in this fascinating field.


Bettersize Instruments is a leader in particle sizing technology in China, expanding globally with a commitment to innovation, quality instruments, and excellent customer service. Investing 15% of annual revenue in R&D, Bettersize supports a wide range of industries with precise material characterization, driving research and production efficiency worldwide.


Tips for Espresso Grinding

How often should I clean my grinder?

To ensure your MOMENTEM continues to perform at its best, regular care and maintenance are essential. For optimal results, we suggest using the included brush for surface cleaning at least once a week. For a more thorough clean, disassembling and deep cleaning your grinder monthly is ideal. This routine will keep your MOMENTEM grinding precisely and producing the freshest flavors, ensuring a delightful coffee experience every time.

How Many Microns per Click on the Adjustment Rings?

Q: How many microns does each click change on the MOMENTEM grinder’s adjustment rings?

A: Great question! Precision in grind size is key to crafting the perfect cup of coffee. On the MOMENTEM grinder, each click on the adjustment rings alters the burr distance, allowing you to fine-tune your grind size.

  • Pre-Breaking Burr: Each click adjusts the burr distance by 25 microns.
  • Fine-Cutting Burr: Each click on this ring changes the burr distance by 18 microns, offering a finer control for the subsequent grinding stage.

It’s important to note that while these measurements indicate the change in burr distance, they don’t directly translate to the exact size change in coffee grounds. The actual grind size will also depend on other factors such as the type of beans, their roast level, and moisture content. Experiment and adjust to find the perfect setting for your taste!


Is It Normal That the Tightest Position on Both Burrs Isn't Zero?

Q: I noticed that the tightest position on both the pre-breaking and fine-cutting adjustment rings isn’t at zero. Is this by design?

A: Absolutely, this is a thoughtful design aspect of the MOMENTEM grinder. Let’s break it down:

  • Intentional Design for Durability: The MOMENTEM grinder is robustly built for lasting use. However, the internal structure, particularly the adjustment rings, can be susceptible to damage if excessive force is used. To prevent any potential damage from over-tightening, we’ve intentionally set the tightest position of the burrs to not coincide with zero.
  • Non-Absolute Zero Approach:  MOMENTEM’s “Zero” is deliberately set to 6 clicks from the tightest position. This safety margin helps protect the grinder’s delicate components and ensures a longer lifespan.
  • Calibration Tips for Fine-Cutting Burr: The pre-breaking burr doesn’t require calibration, but it’s important to be mindful when setting the fine-cutting burr. Upon calibrating, you’ll notice that when the conical burr is completely closed, it’s recommended to adjust it 5-7 clicks to reach the “Zero” position. Always ensure to align the “Zero” with the rest line on the grinder’s body before completing the assembly.

By understanding and respecting these design nuances, you can enjoy a consistently precise grind and extend the life of your MOMENTEM grinder. Happy brewing!

MOMENTEM Grinder Carrying Case

Q1: What material is the MOMENTEM carrying case made from?
A1: The MOMENTEM carrying case is crafted from top line genuine leather, reflecting the same premium quality as your favorite travel suitcase. Treat it with the same care and attention to maintain its luxurious appearance over time.

Q2: Can you describe the interior of the case?
A2: Inside the case, you’ll find a custom-designed, anti-static bold black EVA liner. This liner is tailored to be slightly smaller than the MOMENTEM grinder. This snug fit ensures that your grinder is held firmly in place, preventing any wobbling or accidental damage during transport.

Q3: How compact is the MOMENTEM carrying case?
A3: The case is designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to take your MOMENTEM grinder wherever you go. Its small size is perfect for coffee enthusiasts who love to brew their favorite coffee on the move.

Q4: Why doesn’t the case have extra space for accessories like brushes or spray bottles? |
A4: We aimed for a balance of compactness, safety, and a premium experience in designing this case. To maintain its minimal and elegant design, we chose not to include additional space for accessories like brushes or spray bottles. This decision aligns with our vision of a luxurious yet practical carrying solution for your grinder.

Q5: Is there a guide on how to properly use the carrying case?
A5: Absolutely! We understand that getting the best use out of your carrying case is important. That’s why we created a demonstration video showing the easiest way to place your grinder inside the case. This guide ensures you can enjoy both the practicality and luxury of the case to its fullest.

What is the Dechaff Theory?

What is Reversed Grinding?

What is the Wood Used for the Extra Knob in MOMENTEM?

Scratches on the MOMENTEM Grinder - Are They Normal?

Can You Tell Us About the MOMENTEM Team?

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