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Coffee Connects 

Coffee Connects 

Coffee Connects 

#LatteeEgg challenge 

#LatteeEgg challenge 

#LatteeEgg challenge 

Lets go eggs 

Lets go eggs 

Lets go eggs 

latte art egg
latte egg champion
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#LatteEgg Challenge

Happy Easter Coffee Lovers!

The start of 2022 has left many people feeling dejected and exhausted, with the ongoing pandemic and geo-political landscape we wanted to bring some joy to the community this Easter. Whether you are celebrating the holiday or having a well-deserved rest we have a fun challenge for you (and a great prize).

This Easter we challenge you to make some coffee art using the theme of Easter eggs!🥚 As we all know eggs can be very famous!! As proved by @world_record_egg on Instagram with more than 5 million followers and just one post. All you have to do is create something to do with coffee and eggs! You can pour an egg design in your coffee like the examples above or you can draw! As long as your entry contains coffee, creativity and an egg you’re on the right track!

Use the hashtag #latteegg to share your designs and tag us at @iamnotabarista on Instagram. The winner will get an organic I’M NOT A BARISTA customised T-Shirt/Hoodie/Sweatshirt with your latteegg printed on it, and much more. This fun challenge starts on the April 11th, join us and be the champion of latte egg.

Let's go eggs!

Coffee connects

We want to bring some joy and happiness to the coffee community. Easter is a time in which we all get a well-deserved rest and also spend time doing what makes us happy. By creating the Latte Egg Challenge we can bring the community together and share our creativity.


Fun to play

We are teaming up with some of our well-loved coffee partners to bring this event to you. Together we will work to create awareness for the creativity and hard work of the community and give back in our own special way. Make a challenge video, and share it on your Instagram. Tag us @iamnotabarista and use the hashtag #latteegg.


Show your love

If you like what we do, share this fun game with your friends and spread the love for coffee and coffee people. You can also purchase our T-shirts, snapback, hoodies,  and coffee brewing guides, we donate all profit to help coffee people in need.


Partner Sign-Up 

We welcome you to join this community event and bring a smile to people’s faces and support a creative and hardworking community. To join us as a partner, simply finish the quick form below, and register yourself, your team, and your friends. 


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