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The Brewing Guide

Empowers people behind the cup

Our goal is to spread the love for drinking coffee around the world and to empower baristas – those we know by name and those we want to shine a light on. We began as a humble way to share tips for making delicious coffee at home and today, the project has grown into a worldwide representation of the people behind every cup. It’s about more than just a deck of brewing recipes – it’s about bridging you with talented individuals around the world who share their knowledge and techniques for better brews.

A Gift from the Global Coffee Community

It’s easy to find cookbooks with a variety of recipes from chefs and experts to help you improve your cooking skills but there isn’t something similar for coffee. This brewing guide is exactly that – a collection of tested recipes for you to level up your coffee experience, from coffee champions, experts, and really good home brewers from around the world, because we believe anyone can brew and everyone deserves good coffee.


Funded on Kickstarter


Backers helped


card decks sold

Brewing is meditation

Today we live in a world dominated by online media and sometimes it can be hard to switch off. In 2020, we were troubled with endless negative news every day and in 2021, life is only getting more overwhelming. 2022 is here, we believe coffee can always bring a little peace to our daily lives. The process of brewing makes us feel calm in this chaotic world. Coffee brewing is a great way to take a break from our busy lives and relax with a comforting brew.

Coffee tastes better with music

Make music a part of your brewing experience – we asked recipe owners for their favorite brewing music, and we create this irresistible Spotify playlist to enhance your brewing routine. 48 music recommendation from 48 coffee lovers like you. It absolutely changes the way your coffee tastes! Each recipe comes with a specific song track to recreate the exact experience. gif maker

Pledge More,

to Help Us Donate More

We are genuinely honoured to have been part of the process, but we want to continue to do more. As a way to help out those who have been immensely affected by the pandemic or who find themselves struggling in these current times, we would like to donate our profit to help baristas in need. This means part of our fundings from the Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Amazon, and our E-commerce will be allocated to them directly.

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Tested recipes

48 tested and verified coffee recipes by coffee professionals

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Multiple methods

AeroPress, Pour-over, French Press, Moka Pot, Clever Dripper and Lilydrip

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CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

brewing guide gift

Perfect gift

Store your cards in our first class packaging, anti-scatch, magnetic flip over box with embossed logo and UV effect.

223816 200


We use 69 * 121mm 400gsm art paper, anti-scratch matte laminated coating.

water resistant brewing guide


Easy to clean, longer shelf life to add to your coffee corner

Our Story

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and functioning virtually, human connection is more important than ever. Worldwide there are over 400 billion cups of coffee consumed per year. The drink has become so utterly habitual that it tends to be consumed without being given a second thought or without knowing and understanding its roots. 

Behind each of those cups, however, there is a story, a group of people, a process. The journey from bean to cup is a craft that deserves to be acknowledged. Each coffee represents an opportunity to appreciate, celebrate and advocate for the enthusiasm which upholds this entire industry.  These are just some of the core values that I’m Not A Barista stands for.

Our goal is to tackle each of our projects with a renewed energy and zeal. Our coffee stories are meant to put a spotlight on baristas, placing an emphasis on the human aspect in coffee and helping to raise awareness for the people that are an important part of this industry, but who sometime’s get overlooked. 

Building on this foundation, we want to use 2021 as a catalyst for increasing the tangible impact we have on baristas around the world. Our latest project is a mission inspired by the community which seeks to then give back to said community. Baristas work tirelessly to provide us all with our daily caffeine fix. More often than not their long hours of hard physical work receives too low a pay and the true value of their efforts is rarely recognised. Furthermore, the pandemic has been greatly detrimental for baristas on a global scale. As specialty cafés have closed their doors, both the barista’s profession and livelihood have been taken away. So, what can we do to help?

The Brewing Guide card deck aims to spread the joy of homebrewing across the world while simultaneously bolstering the work of baristas. At the same time, this will provide you with a hassle-free solution to your morning fix. Instead of the endless scrolling for that ‘perfect method’, you will be able to discover and enjoy 48 unique recipes from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

As if that weren’t enough, each card represents so much more than a recipe: it is a vehicle for connection in these lonely times. Each card is representative of a particular barista who you can reach out to, whether because you want to learn from them, show gratitude for their work or simply bond over your shared passion for coffee. Nothing is more powerful than connection. 

*All project profits will go back to baristas in need. Please check Transparency for more info.

Our projects

February 2020
We were born
March 2020
Launched #brewathome
March 2020
Launched ZOOM coffee parties
April 2020
Got press mentioned by Barista Magazine, Perfect Daily Grind
June 2020
Reactivated #flipthefilter challenge
November 2020
#coffeemoustache campaign
November 2020
Made 400 donations of coffee and brewing tools
December 2020
Reached 10K followers on Instagram
April 2021
Project launching on KS
May 2021
Reached $20,000 on KS
May 2021
Launched on Indemand on Indiegogo
June 2021
International shipping
September 2021
Launched #TIPABARISTA charity
Nov 2021
Launched #brewinggame
Dec 2021
Donated $1000 to the coffee community


We are committed to using profit to help baristas with financial problems.

How many donations we can make?

Our goal is to inspire and motivate baristas to reach their fullest potential. Instead of donating a larger amount of money to one person, we want to inspire as many people as possible, which is why we focus on a small amount of donation to a larger group of people. Our current goal is to make $100 to 48 international baristas.

How much we can donate?

All profit after covering our office expenses, such as website,  hosting, incorporation, accounting service, design resources,  marketing, and more.

To keep the project as transparent as possible, we will publish all costs and revenue on our website. The brewing guide is our first physical product, considering we are fully based on volunteers and interns, more donation information will be available later.

Project profit

Total sales from Brewing Guide
+ 23,762

– 3336

(Melodrip, Lilydrip, Kaffebox, The Right roast)

Production & Shipping
–  17023

Total Revenue
= 3403


-Ads & Marking 397
-Bank charges & fees 129
-Legal & Professional services 604
-Office supplies & software 2495
-Samples 547
-Other business expenses 310

Total expenses

Updated on Oct 14, 2021

Operation and other office expenses are not included. We want to keep our promise to make donations to help 48 baristas in need. This means we will do our best to reach a 7% donation rate. We need your help to raise more fund to give back to the coffee community. You can join us on the Indiegogo charity project, you can list your coffee and brewing tools on our Indiegogo page as add-ons. From each bag of coffee or item sold, $2 will go to I’M NOT A BARISTA foundation. 


Update on Jun 25, 2021

*Shipping cost has been increased a lot lately, due to the large packaging dimension of the uncut sheet, our shipping cost is 2 times expensive ($40 to US backers)

Risks and challenges

All of the work for this project has been completed by interns and volunteers. Together we have negotiated, designed and created this product. The driving force behind this project was a shared vision to deliver a simple product which maximises the at home brewing experience. As a young team we have been constantly learning and adjusting as we go and one of our main tasks has been raising the funds to allow for mass production, pay for professional designers and help give our product the final polish it needs.

Alongside this we have been working virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to these circumstances we may experience project delays; however we are striving to meet our goal of sharing our product this March. 

Dec 20

We ended our InDemand project page on Indiegogo

Dec 10

Received the first order on our Amazon page 

Sep 2

We sent out replacement cards to 86 backers.

Sep 1

We made the first $100 #tipabarista donation to Regina Begum, check here for more info.

Aug 9

We founded out there was a misprint of one card, we decided to offer replacement cards to our backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Jun 27

This week we sent out 310 rewards to our backers. If haven’t received your tracking no., please be patient.

Jun 17

We finally finished the mass production. It took a bit longer than our expectation but we did it. We are sending the brewing guides to our logistic partners. Next week, we expect to start shipping orders to some backers.

May 17

The backer survey was sent out to all backers today. We also posted a project update on the Kickstarter page. We use PledgeBox, make sure you check your inbox.
If you meet any problems, check FAQ section.

May 16

We finally received the payment notification from Kickstarter. As the image below, we have 11 dropped pledges, we will receive $17,642.75 after the KS fee and payment fee. This also includes the cost of combo packs with Lilydrip, Melodrip, Kaffebox, and The Right Roast.
*We do not charge any commission or any benefit from collaborating with the brands above.
Kickstarter brewing guide revenue

May 15

We sent out a survey to collect information on recipe contributors to build their portfolio page. We print extra 100 uncut sheets to reward our great supporters, all recipe owners can claim one piece of uncut sheet for free with the special code. The rest uncut sheets will be sold on Kickstarter and Indiegogo as an add-on.

Apr 27

We couldn’t reach out to Josh William before closing the design process, so we replaced his recipe with Youngjun Cho’s.

What if I don’t see the email yet?

Check your spam folder. If you use Gmail, sometimes your invite will go to your “Promotions” tab. If you still can’t find it, search your inbox for “PledgeBox”

If that doesn’t work:

1. Click –

2. Click “Request New Invite”

3. Enter your email address (the one you pledged with)

4. Wait at least 10 minutes – then go to your email, open the invite, and click the giant button to confirm all your goodies

There’s something wrong with my pledge!

That’s not impossible. If you notice something is awry, you can send us a message directly to and we’ll look at it for you.

What if I need to change my address?

As long as your items have not been locked, you can always change your address. Just simply log back in to and make the appropriate change. However, if you change your country, additional shipping costs may apply.

Apple ID Backers:

Backers who have pledged to the campaign using their AppleID but haven’t completely set up their Apple Pay account (linking their email address to their Apple Wallet) will have issues receiving their emails from PledgeBox. Those backers have a email address and will need to reach out to the creator team to update their email address.

Is it language independent? If not, will it be available in which language?

What is the measurement unit used in the cards?

How are the recipes being created/where are they coming from?

Is there be digital versions of the card available upon purchase?

Will I be able to contact the recipe makers if I have any personal questions?

Yes, every recipe maker’s name will be included on the respective card.  You can scan the QR code and find more information about the person behind the recipe.

Heroes behind the project

Special thanks to these amazing people who donated their time to help us finalize our project.

Naomi Doedelz

Naomi Doedelz

Design Volunteer

Vasileia Fanarioti

Vasileia Fanarioti

Content Creator

Hello lovely people! I'm Vasileia and I come from Athens, Greece. Coffee has been in my life since forever, it's a part of my culture, my family and my every day life. A few years back I feel in love with the craft of making coffee as well and it inspired me to start my own blog Combining my love for coffee and writing for I AM NOT A BARISTA has been an amazing experience and I'm really glad to be part of this team! I hope I'll met you somewhere along the way of this journey. Cheers!

Ronița Dragomir

Coffee Consultant

Ronita is a Coffee writer & editor, and head barista based in Netherland.
Chui Yan Yau

Chui Yan Yau

Project consultant

Guadalupe Delgadillo

Guadalupe Delgadillo

Design Volunteer

Guadalupe Delgadillo is a Mexican freelance graphic designer who blends her creative job with the brew and preparation of ‘a substantial amount of coffee’.
Tigger Chaturabul

Tigger Chaturabul

Marketing Volunteer

Fatima Bejarano

Fatima Bejarano

Coffee Consultant

My name is Fatima Bejarano. I'm a coffee consultant based in Monterrey, Mexico and I have the fortune of living in a place where the coffee scene is growing more everyday. There's lots of great coffeeshops and roasteries, you can usually find me in Adela Cafe Mx.
Vladimir Vorslov

Vladimir Vorslov

Roaster, Videographer

Nes Suvorova

Nes Suvorova

Coffee judge

Johnny Funt

Johnny Funt

Coffee fanatic

Johnny spent a whole day helping us filming the promo video.

Meet the interns behind the project. Click here to meet our former interns.

Konstantina Votsika

Konstantina Votsika

Marketing Intern

Hello! I’m Konstantina, a Greek girl living in the United Kingdom.
I’m very excited to be part of this lovely team. My coffee journey began when I had my first Freddo Cappuccino ( cold version of a cappuccino which usually has a small amount of cold milk foam on top) some years ago in Athens, Greece. Since then, I’m eager to learn more about coffee and always in the hunt for unique coffee spots around the world.
Anna Navoychik

Anna Navoychik

Marketing Intern

Hi! I’m Anna Navoychik, a student of Managment in Culture at Masaryk University and I’m excited to join the family of I’M NOT A BARISTA! I am from a city in the heart of Siberia where “a cup of hot coffee in the wintertime” has become a new aesthetics. Inspired by the growing interest and popularity of the coffee industry in my country I have joined the marketing team of I’M NOT A BARISTA to explore the story of the iconic beverage from the coffee cherry to the advanced brewing methods!
Louisa Campbell

Louisa Campbell

Content Creating Intern

My name is Louisa and it is a great privilege to be able to work with I’m Not A Barista. As a long term lover of coffee, it is a joy to be able to share the stories of individuals making such great impacts on the global coffee community. I aim to capture the passion of coffee advocates and effectively promote their dedication, creative visions and talents through my writing. Working as a barista myself in the past, I feel I thoroughly understand the communicative process of making, serving and celebrating coffee. Recently, I have grown a particular interest in brewing and speciality coffee- I cannot wait to explore this curiosity further.
Beste Semiz 2

Beste Semiz

Marketing Intern

Hey! I am Beste, I hug trees and talk to plants. I believe that one of the must-have skills of this century is the ability to adapt to uncertain in an ever-changing world. Therefore, I am trying to improve this skill in marketing where the tempo of change is perpetually quickening. I see life as a long journey and I think what matters the most isn't the destination but this moment, now.
Emilie Milne

Emilie Milne

Marketing Intern

Hi! I’m a Marketing Intern here at Not a Barista. With a Masters in marketing and modern languages living in the UK I am excited to be joining such a creative and international team to learn more about the world of coffee! My go-to coffee order is an oat milk flat white and I’m looking forward to learning more about the coffee industry and meeting new people in the coffee community.
Antonio Montoro Diaz

Antonio Montoro Diaz

Marketing Intern

Hello, I’m Antonio. I just graduated from the University of Sussex with an MSc in International Marketing. I’m from Spain but moved to England a few years ago to continue with my studies, develop my skills and to look for new opportunities. Currently, I live in the seaside city of Brighton, U.K. I’m really interested in coffee which is the reason why I am working as a Duty Manager at Starbucks. I enjoy learning about new projects and meeting new people. Im at the early stages of my career but I believe I will bring a lot to the organization using the academic and practical knowledge acquired from my degrees. I’m excited to have this opportunity, as I will not only be starting my career in Marketing but also working as a volunteer helping baristas, which is what I love doing.
Camille Lowe

Camille Lowe

Marketing Intern

My name is Camille and I am a Marketing Intern for I'm not a Barista. I'm currently on my third year of University doing my Media, Culture and Identity degree. I am happy I have been given this opportunity because my previous experience was based in retail and admin.This job will help me gain a better understanding of Media and Marketing and give me the valued experience that I need.
Vicky Votsika

Vicky Votsika

Marketing Intern

Hello! My name is Vickie and I am a third year Medical Sciences student. I am originally from Athens, Greece but currently living and studying in the UK. I recently started working as an intern and I cannot wait to learn more about coffee and how we can help baristas in our community!

Virginia Fanticini

Marketing Intern

My name is Virginia and I’m from Italy. I’m a new Marketing Intern. Coffee just runs in my veins as part of my culture. If I have a great day, I drink espresso. If I have a bad day, I drink espresso. And yes, my favorite coffee is espresso (such a cliché). I am so glad to start being part of such an amazing community!! Can’t wait to learn new things by working with this great team.

Nicole Hilton

Marketing Intern

Special thanks to the following businesses who had so much faith in our project and wishes us success. With their donations, we could pay for printing brewing guide samples and shipping.

Special thanks to Дом Кофе for building a temporary filming team with talented coffee people and made our project video possible.

E&B Lab Italy




Clever Dripper




Дом Кофе

Дом Кофе built a filming team for us and let us use their new cafe in Moscow to film the project video.

Our project is mentioned in the following coffee media