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#TIPABARISTA 1/48: Congratulations to Regina Begum from Mumbai India

By 1st September 2021September 2nd, 2021Articles2 min read

We’rere sure most of you will remember Regina Begum: her coffee story touched many and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback on how moved our readers felt. We have decided Regina should be the first recipient of our #TIPABARISTA project and be the first to receive a $100 donation.

Regina Begum barista story

Regina Begum

Her path started from an orphanage in Navi, Mumbai where she was brought up. Her limited access to coffee growing up made her more curious about the drink. Her motivation was fruitful in the long run, as she now works as a barista. 

Regina has been living by herself for nearly five years and hopes to open a small coffee business. She deeply believes that people deserve to be taught about coffee, especially in regions that are less exposed to coffee culture. 

“Coffee is a caffeinated beverage consumed by people everywhere. Most people don’t understand the hard work and the process that it actually takes to get a good cup of coffee.”

Regina has been working tirelessly and saving as much as she can to invest in her goals and dreams. Unfortunately, wages in India are low, and being a barista isn’t perceived as a long term profession. Regina says the tip won’t only benefit her, but will help the whole community she hopes to share coffee knowledge with. 

If you’re a barista in need, you can apply for the $100 donation from #TIPABARITA now.