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Oops! Even This Grinder Hasn’t Seen Itself Before – It’s That Unique!

This isn't just another fancy hand grinder with sharp burrs and a sleek body. MOMENTEM™ is a call-to-action for the manual grinding industry to realize the potential of coffee engineering innovation.

Grind, sift, customize, and update your coffee experience with dual-burr manual grinder MOMENTEM gif maker 22
TWO-STEP GRINDING gif maker 23
Burr Set #1: Grinds Coarse gif maker 24
Burr Set #2: Grinds Fine

I was really surprised when I received the Momentem. The packaging is excellent, and the finishing is outstanding. It's evident that you focused on every part of this grinder, including the smaller details like the brush and spray.


Tru ly a work of art. I am overly impressed by every single piece. Grinder, packing, instruction, branding, RDT (bottle), brush. This is the highest quality crafted from the top to bottom.


What you are offering is a full scoop of delivering a very clean cup and control the circumstances.. chaff & fines were always a problem and what you came up with was not another grinder or service... this was a solution which can be appreciated by using zero experience and minimum common sense.

2nd burr unit
Dechaff sieve
Fine-Cutting Burr

Not Your Standard Conical Burr

Dechaff sieve
catch cup
Built-in sifter
Fine receiver
Sifting lid
Catch cup

Now's a Fine Time To Get Sifty

Adjustable crank
Exchangeable lid
Aluminum knob

Ergonomics For All

Disassemble & Reassemble

It's Easy To Disassemble & Reassemble

User Manual & Documentation

A full PDF of the user manual may be downloaded here.

Maintenance & Cleaning

To ensure your MOMENTEM continues to perform at its best, regular care and maintenance are essential. For optimal results, we suggest using the included brush for surface cleaning at least once a week. For a more thorough clean, disassembling and deep cleaning your grinder monthly is ideal. This routine will keep your MOMENTEM grinding precisely and producing the freshest flavors, ensuring a delightful coffee experience every time.

International shipping information

In our commitment to providing quality products and transparent service, we have a specific shipping process for our MOMENTEM grinder. As this is a specialty item that embodies our dedication to the coffee community, we handle each order with additional care and attention.

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Currently, for the MOMENTEM grinder, we do not charge an upfront shipping fee when you place your order. This approach allows us to calculate the most accurate and fair shipping cost closer to the dispatch date, ensuring you don’t overpay due to estimations.

Accurate Shipping Cost Notification:

Once your MOMENTEM grinder is ready to be shipped, we will email you detailing the shipping costs. At this stage, you will have the option to specify your preferred shipping method, including whether you require a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service. We understand that shipping preferences vary greatly depending on location, urgency, and budget, and we aim to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.

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Finalizing Your Shipping:

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Commitment to Transparency:

At I’M NOT A BARISTA, transparency is at the core of our operations. We assure you that any shipping fees will be communicated clearly and will reflect the actual cost of delivering the MOMENTEM grinder to your doorstep. No hidden fees or unexpected charges will be applied.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we implement this shipping policy tailored to the MOMENTEM grinder. Your support and patience enable us to continue our mission of making a real impact on the coffee community. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping your MOMENTEM grinder or any other product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction and support mean the world to us. Thank you for choosing I’M NOT A BARISTA.


Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 13 cm

Standard Version, Luxury Traveler, Carrying Case

Grinder weight



Bold black


20,8cm (without crank)
21,8cm (with crank)

Suitable for

Espresso, AeroPress, Moka, Pour over, French press


Single dose

Built-in sieves

400µm, 600µm, 800µm


Aluminium, 440c Stainless Steel

What is in the box

1 * MOMENTEM grinder
1 * Adjustable crank
1 * Ebony wooden knob
1 * 3 sieve filters
1 * Dechaffing filter
1 * Cleaning brush
1 * RDT spray bottle
1 * User Manual
1 * Extra rubber rings (for crank)
1 * Extra Tritan crank lid

Crank length

Adjustable from 12,95 to15,95cm

Carrying case

Top-grain leather

Dechaff sieve

Hexagon shape
Long diagonal: 4.4mm
Side: 2.2mm

Size Chart