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Power of volunteers


When looking at a cup of coffee, it’s easy to overlook the number of people that were involved in the making of your morning beverage. Baristas prepare our favourite wake-me-up beverages while combating financial stress and sleep-deprived customers. It’s time to acknowledge their work, skills, and knowledge. Volunteering benefits individuals, groups and organisations, and our local areas. It increases people’s wellbeing and connects them to local activities. It helps groups and organisations to increase their capacity and to reach out to communities. We believe passionately in the powerful and positive impacts of volunteering and that volunteering should be open to all.
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You are more valuable than you think

Can't wait to make a real-world impact? Let's start by sharing and promoting our NPO, and spreading the love for coffee and the community.

You can simply start by sharing our coffee stories on Instagram and mentioning us. This will help us reach more coffee lovers from all over the world.

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What is next?

After receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation email. Please make sure you put in your white list.

Current projects
1. Coffee Wristbands, it is a fundraising program we collaborate with coffee designers and raise funds to help coffee people in various countries. So far we have partners in 12 countries, and donated more than $3000 USD.

2. Coffee stories, we share inspiring coffee stories and give baristas a voice weekly. You will need to write coffee stories based on the info submitted by baristas, or you need to conduct an interview to get their stories.

3. Soon we will publish a coffee book called 101 coffee stories, we need experienced editors and writers on this project.