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We empower people behind the cup.

Our charity foundation is based on the profit earned from the Brewing Guide project, check here for more detail. The donation received is the direct donation we received from the coffee community.

Donations we made

Feb 2020 - Tzanetos Dalietos

Tzanetos Dalietos is a barista, an archetype example of no matter how exceptional the obstacle you face is, you can always bounce back


1/48 - Regina Begum

Regina is a barista from Mumbai, India, and her dream is to open her own coffee shop.


2/48 - Nükhet Çubukçular

Nükhet is an extremely hardworking woman. Beyond this/Moreover, she never ceases to inspire us through her art, charity work, and humility.


3/48 - Xitlally Guerrero

Xitlally is a barista who never gives up, we are deeply touched by her coffee story.


4/48 - Ken Braz

This donation is for Ken's project August 63 the mobile coffee roastery in Berlin, we wish his dream come true in 2021.


5/48 - Mahsa Niyayesh

Mahsa is a founder of the first Iranian Women coffee Association, she is working hard to help women in Iran to work in the coffee world.


6/48 - Geison Paschoal

Geison is a barista in need, he had a bike accident and now in hospital recovering. We hope you can help him.


7/48 - Ronaldo Hurtado

Ronaldo is a barista from Colombia. He has spent his whole life with coffee, recently he is moving back to the farm and help rehab the coffee production.


8/48 - Halima Kapamba

Halima is a hard-working barista, a sister, and a single-mom in Tanzania.


9/48 - Cesia Banegas

Cesia loves coffee with all her heart, in every expression of the phrase.


We need your help.

Humanity runs on coffee, make a donation today and help a barista in need.

Donations received

Sep 2

Thank you, you are the first donor of #TIPABARISTA campaign.


Sep 5

Thank you so much, you are right, money can't buy happiness, but it can get coffee, it is kinda the same thing.


Sep 6

Support us and make a small donation to help people behind the cup.


Sep 15

Thank you so much 🙂


Sep 17

Thank you so much, Zoé.


Thank you

Support us and make a small donation to help people behind the cup.


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