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tip a barista campaign until September 2021

Contact Information Virginia Fanticini Marketing Intern +39 3662621450     Embargoed for Release until September 2021 #Tip a Barista: a new charity campaign by I’M NOT A BARISTA to empower and recognize the real value of baristas after the successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns.    I’M NOT A BARISTA…
9th August 2021
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The Brewing Guide: A Kickstarter Project by the Global Coffee Community

🇪🇸 Spanish Version  Introducing you to our very own Brewing Guide, launching March 2021 we invite you to participate in the exciting release of our very first collaborative product! When the global coffee community comes together and creates The Brewing Guide Project helping people to brew coffee at home. We are excited…
16th February 2021

I’M NOT A BARISTA Launched Card Deck Project

Explore home brewing recipes from around the world with this international platform’s upcoming card deck. The original article was published on Barista Magazine on February 4, 2021 by Mark Van StreefkerkI’M NOT A BARISTA is an international platform that supports baristas by sharing their stories, creating community connections, providing financial…
4th February 2021

Goat Story joins #brewathome campaign

With the Covid-19 outbreak panic leaving us stuck at home, social media has proven to be a wonderful way to (re)connect with friends, family and even the vibrant community of coffee lovers from all around the world. When we began to work from home because of the current situation, we…
17th May 2020