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tip a barista campaign until September 2021

By 9th August 2021May 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read

Contact Information
Virginia Fanticini
Marketing Intern
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Embargoed for Release until September 2021

#Tip a Barista: a new charity campaign by I’M NOT A BARISTA to empower and recognize the real value of baristas after the successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns. 


I’M NOT A BARISTA launches a way to tip baristas differently than before. Coffee lovers now have the chance to make a greater impact through the #tipabarista charity campaign.  


 Each week, one barista will be receiving a big “tip” of $100 from our coffee community. Chosen baristas will be selected through an application process (the criteria of which will be detailed on our website), and will then have their Coffee Story or profile shared on our social media pages. With our hashtag #tipabarista you will be able to track our progress and see how many baristas received the tip. You can track the charity campaign on our Instagram profile @iamnotabarista.

Once this is done, we will help those with any financial difficulties in the hopes of helping the people behind the cup. The big tip is for those baristas who aren’t able to afford a decent standard of living or simply that need to have their worth recognized by the coffee industry. Behind every cup of coffee there’s first of all a human, with fragility and fears.

“Coffee is Community, and right now the Community needs to come together, to keep it together.”



We have created an application form where baristas in need can sign up. Our evaluation system is based on different criteria like average monthly income, country they are from, family, and above all, what 100$ dollars means to them. Our project has started with the launch of our Brewing Guide on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The cards are now being delivered to the backers who’ve contributed to our fundraising. Not only do they get to brew a delicious specialty coffee, but they can see the first hand benefits of their donation on our social media platforms.

How to support

To support the project is very easy: you can go on our Indiegogo charity campaign page and purchase either your Brewing Guide if you’re interested in trying a lot of recipes all over the world, and/or your favourite coffee. The money will go straight into the barista’s pocket after they will apply on our website. You can think  of our Indiegogo page as the coffee shop table on which you leave a tip for your favourite barista! 

I’M NOT A BARISTA employee today, only passionate and invested interns and volunteers who share our values. Our mission is and has always been to celebrate the coffee community by empowering baristas to reach their fullest potential. Today we can make this possible with the help of our amazing community.



Are you a barista? SIGN UP!

We invite baristas in need to sign up for receiving the donation on our website. 


Are you a backer? YOU CAN VOTE!

All people in the coffee community following our Instagram page @iamnotabarista have now the possibility to vote for the candidates that inspire them the most.


Are you a roaster, journalist or PR specialist? YOU CAN HELP!

If you are a ROASTER  we invite you to sell your products on the platforms, increasing the amount of donations and helping us to make this happen. 



Your support will make it possible to provide our backers with more products besides our Brewing Guide project on INDIEGOGO.  For every coffee bag sold, just $2 of your profit will be dedicated to the #tipabarista charity campaign. We believe that helping each other will make us stronger, and we hope you will be part of our initiative!

If you are a PR specialist, a journalist, please visit (website, charity page). In the end, we are all human and at I’M NOT A BARISTA we are really looking for people helping people.


For additional information, visit our website:

I’M NOT A BARISTA introducing #TIPABARISTA charity campaign


Mission Statement

I’M NOT A BARISTA was established in 2020 with a critical purpose: to support baristas in need and create a social impact on society. Our mission is to celebrate the core community by empowering baristas to attain their fullest potential. Most of us have a code as a part of our daily routine and at I’M NOT A BARISTA we want to celebrate the people involved in making our brew the best each day!  

As a not-for-profit organisation I’M NOT A BARISTA relies on the amazing work of volunteers and interns who help bring the goals and vision of the organisation to life. The amazing and supportive care community that has grown through projects and hard work and gives baristas a support network that has brought to life many campaigns.

Since the first starting in 2020, I’M NOT A BARISTA has organised several campaigns, including: “The Flip The Filter Challenge”, “Coffee Moustache#coffeemoustache and “Brew at home#brewathome, to encourage everyone to stay connected and help local code communities during the global pandemic.