#flipthefilter challenge

is a community event organized by I’M NOT A BARISTA, leading by Hario Japan. The goal is to connect the specialty coffee community and bring some fun to people isolated at home. We collaborated with 21 international partners and gave away many gifts back to the community. It was a successful event that lead the movement of giving back to the community.

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Our Partners
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Multi-partner challenge

We team up with the most well-known coffee brand Hario and international roasteries for a fun challenge for all pour-over lovers.

Truly Global

This is a global challenge that everyone can participate in, no matter where you are, what language do you speak. As long as you have V60 filter papers and drivers, you can participate.

Doing good together

Winners of the challenges can donate their prize, exchange with others, or claim their prize. Let’s do good together.

Spread the love for specialty coffee

We want to use this challenge to spread the love for pour-over coffee, share your V60 recipe and favorite pour-over coffee beans.

Coffee Community

Coffee is just a drink without the community, let’s connect in this difficult time. The #brewathome #flipthefilter challenge helps you find your sense of belonging. Meet new friends and have fun with us.

Challenge prizes

The prize includes Hario brewing kits, grinders, and specialty coffee from international #brewathome partners. Check the prize detail below.

1. Launch with us

Let's have fun

#flipthefilter challenge was initiated by 50percentarabaica in early 2020, part of the trendy flip challenges. It is simple and fun to play, just like how you fly a paper plane,  flip the V60 filter paper to the V60 dripper.
We want to continue this challenge and unite the coffee community during the current difficult time.
For official partners, please download the zipped patch below, post on your Instagram feed, tag all the partners.
Don’t forget to create your own challenge video, and nominate your followers.

When it starts?

Saturday, 06. 06. 2020.
10 AM Tokyo, Japan JST (UTC +9)
10 AM London, United Kingdom BST (UTC +1)
10 AM San Francisco, CA, USA PDT (UTC -7)

For #brewathome partners

Please download the zipped patch below, post on your Instagram feed, tag all the partners.
Don’t forget to create your own challenge video, and nominate your followers.

2. How to participate

Follow the rules

#flipthefilter is a global challenge open to everyone. If you also want to win a gift while having fun with flipping the filter papers,  please follow the instruction below.

How to participate

This challenge will be starting on Jun 06, 2020, on our #brewathome campaign Instagram @brewathome_official.

  1. Follow all #brewathome #flipthefilter challenge partners,
  2. Tell us your favorite coffee beans for V60 in the comment section,
  3. Tag 3 friends in the comment section and share this fun challenge with them,
  4. Record and upload your video to your Instagram feed, use #flipthefilter #brewathome,
    and tag us @iamnotabarista and @brewathome_official,  then nominate at least 1 coffee friend 🙂
3. Donate or Exchange

It is all about the community

The purpose of the #flipthefilter challenge is to connect the coffee community and release your stress from all the chaos happening in the world. You can donate your prize to a friend in need, exchange gifts with others, or claim the prize yourself. For example, if you win a Hario brewing kit, but already have everything at home. You can donate the package to a friend who doesn’t have a brewing tool or exchange with other winners. 

4. Support local business

Meet your local roasters

Through the #flipthefilter challenge, we want to connect everyone in the coffee industry. especially in your local community. We hope to build a more long term relationship between you and your local roasteries.

How it works?

For example, if you currently live in Sweden, and you win a prize from the #flipthefilter challenge. Our Swedish roastery partner will ship you the coffee prize.
If we don’t have a partner in Sweden, we will ask our partner in Denmark or Norway to send the prize to you.
If none of our partners can ship the prize to you, we advise you to donate your prize to someone who lives in a country where we have partners.

*To avoid international shipping delay and show your kind gesture, you can always donate your prize to others and make new friends. 

5. Show your talent

Win a gift

Again, we team up with your favorite brand Hario and other awesome #brewathome roastery partners to add more awesomeness to this challenge. We have 120 bags of top quality specialty coffee beans to share with the international coffee community. We will reward coffee lovers with the most creative and difficult challenge videos. For regulars challengers, we also have specialty coffee and V60 filter papers for you. No one is left behind because we are stronger together. 

Prizes for The Most Creative & Challenging videos

Thanks to our generous #brewathome partners, we have donations from Hario pour-over kit, smart grinder, melodrip, lilydrip, to very rare specialty coffee from roasters that you may have never heard of. We also have a new project called The Mystery Coffee Box collaborated with Essense to deliver you a unique experience with coffee.

In this challenge, if you really have fun and want to push yourself even further, try your luck in winning the “Most Creative & Most Difficult” title. Your talent in filter flipping will pay off this time.

For the “Most Creative” and “Most Challenging” winners, we have Gold, Silver, and Bronze package to reward your talent and hard flipping.



What if I sign up late as a Giveaway Partner?

Don’t worry, we will have more giveaway or similar events to have you involved. We will keep your information in the giveaway system, and will let you know more information later.

Sign up

How do you pick the winners?

In order to keep the fairness of the giveaway, we use woobox.com and other 3rd party programs to pick the lucky winners.

For the #flipthefilter challenge, we have two systems:

A. We make polls on Instagram for the winners of the most creative, the most challenging videos.
B. For the regular challengers, we use a random picking system to draw lucky winners.

Not satisfied with the answer? Email us info@notabarista.org, we would like to hear your ideas.

Which countries do you ship prize to?

As the organizer of the #flipthefilter challenge, we do not ship any product to anyone or take any commission for any partner promoted.

Which countries our partners ship to:

  • Hario Japan ships internationally * and Hario distributors ship to domestic countries.
    For example, Hario Japan can ship prizes to Japan, UK, the US,etc., but Hario UK only ships to the United Kingdom.
  • Coffee bean donors/partners ship to international and domestic destinations.
    Considering that we have only limited coffee prizes shipping to international destinations, the winners ranking on the top will be prioritized*

Please also remember that this is a philanthropic event organized by I’M NOT A BARISTA, a non-profit organization that aims to bring happiness to the coffee community and make coffee connects people during this difficult time. We always appreciate our partners’ kind donations of coffee and brewing tools and find the proper balance between the coffee business and the whole coffee community.

I won a specialty coffee prize that don't ship to my country, what to do?

Congratulations, you are a lucky winner. If our partner can’t ship the prize to your country at this movement, we recommend you donate it to your friend in other countries (where our partner can ship to); or you can switch the gift with other lucky winners.

If I don't know anyone from other countries, whom I can donate to?

Don’t worry, we help you find your new friend in the community. Just DM us on Instagram.