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Not a barista internship

I’M NOT A BARISTA (I’MNAB) Internship Program is designed to bring qualified and motivated coffee-loving students and fresh graduates with diverse backgrounds into the Organisation to work on projects linked to the coffee community. Its main goal is to give candidates the opportunity to improve their analytical and technical skills in an international environment.

The Internship Program is open on an ongoing basis. Students enrolled in a fully accredited degree program (Bachelor, Master) during the entire duration of their internship can apply online.

Internship start dates will be set based on your dates of availability and the I’MNAB hiring schedules: do not forget to specify the date and duration of your availability in the application form.

ie. physical and/or mental concerns that may affect your productivity

Please include the country dial code - for example +1 for the US, +41 for Switzerland

Accepted file types: DOCX, PDF, and Text

Accepted file types: DOCX, PDF, and Text

Please share your work with us, your design, writings, projects

Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif

Are you ready?

Programme Introduction

Learn more about I’M NOT A BARISTA internship programme here


Internship Vaccancies

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