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Dedicated to the People Behind the Cup

book with hard case

The coffee journey of those behind your morning fuel: get to know the real coffee world and change the way you see coffee.


How often have we thought about all those involved in a simple cup of coffee? How often do we stroll into Starbucks or our local coffee shop, mutter our usual order to the barista, and if we’re feeling particularly generous that day, toss some change in the tip jar? Truth is, we don’t think about that cup of coffee again until the next day when nothing else will get us through the day.

101 Coffee Stories is here to change that.

About The Book

Our book, 101 Coffee Stories, comprises one hundred and one stories from each part of the industry – from coffee farmers in South America and Africa, to roasters in Europe, to baristas in the United States, to global coffee consumers and home brewers.


Audio Story

All stories will come with QR Codes attached to them, for coffee lovers to sit back, scan, and listen to them anytime, anywhere. Click the play button below and listen to two sample stories recorded by professional narrators.

Each Book

  • Contains over 300 pages filled with rich content.
  • Contains 101 audio stories by professional narrators.
  • Front and back covers printed on approximate 1200gsm cardstock.
  • 18cm/7″ x 24cm/9.4″ comfortable magazine size.
  • Carries NO Ads: We intend to keep making books ad-free for as long as we can.
  • So stunning, you’d take it everywhere with you.
  • Perfect gift for coffee lovers.

Help us bring this project to life