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David Disuanco is cupping coffeeCoffee StoriesDavid Disuanco
16th July 2024

David Disuanco

Soft mists blanket the lush, densely forested highlands of Panama’s Chiriqui province. Scenic views and rare species pepper the landscape, springing forth from the region’s rich volcanic soil and flourishing in the eternal spring of its tropical clime.  From that verdant terroir emerges a treasured varietal: Green Tip Geisha, a…
Pierangely Parada, owner of Solo coffee protecting Mayan cultureCoffee StoriesPierangely Parada
9th July 2024

Pierangely Parada

Pierangely Parada is a coffee lover, entrepreneur, and “full-time mom” who has built her life around her passion for coffee. Pierangely Parada (left), owner of Solo Coffee, dedicated to preserving Mayan culture. Raised by parents from Xalapa, Veracruz, one of Mexico's coffee-producing regions, Pierangely Parada grew up surrounded by the rich…
Carlo Barbi, CEO of Club HouseCoffee StoriesCarlo Barbi
5th July 2024

Carlo Barbi

Anyone who has excelled in the ceramics industry for over thirty years will have tales of growth, improvement, and valuable insights into building a successful business. Carlo Barbi, the CEO of Club House, has steered the company since taking over from his father, learning many life lessons along the way.…
Mitra Roshanian, owner of Baraye CoffeeCoffee StoriesMitra Roshanian
21st June 2024

Mitra Roshanian

Living your dreams cannot come easy. Sometimes, you have to defy the odds, even if those odds come with surprises, forcing you to learn along the way. This is how Mitra Roshanian from Romania became the face of Baraye Coffee. Mitra Roshanian, owner of Baraye Coffee Hailing from a small…
Norah Ba Fadhl - Coffee Wristband DesignerCoffee StoriesNorah Ba Fadhl 
10th June 2024

Norah Ba Fadhl 

Our coffee wristband designs draw inspiration from artists hailing from different parts of the world, and our debut designer, Norah Ba Fadhl, preaches the message of history and coffee tradition in her newest design. Norah Ba Fadhl - Coffee Wristband Designer For someone like Norah, it can be difficult to…
Nawar Adra, founder of Stitch CoffeeCoffee StoriesNawar Adra
30th May 2024

Nawar Adra

Anyone listening to Nawar Adra would know he is well-traveled and nurtures a deep love for the coffee community. In our recent chat with him at the Shanghai Hotelex event, we discussed his vision for Stitch Coffee and the culture shock he experienced when visiting China.   Nawar Adra, founder…
Arif Budiyanto coffee farmer from Indonesia, donation recipient of coffee wristbandsCoffee StoriesArif Budiyanto
19th May 2024

Arif Budiyanto

To do what you can, with what you have, where you are, is no small feat, and for Arif Budiyanto, that means going above and beyond to make the best of all that life throws his way. Be it improving himself by learning and relearning or improving a whole community…
Esmeralda Peña Sanchez a barista and artist from USCoffee StoriesEsmeralda Peña Sanchez
13th May 2024

Esmeralda Peña Sanchez

Finding a safe community to belong to can be arduous, especially in condensed cities like Seattle, Washington, where socializing with strangers is not something that the local people are often open-minded about. But, for Esmeralda Peña Sanchez, her job as a barista involves interacting with dozens of faces throughout the…
Patricia PerelloCoffee StoriesPatricia Perello
29th April 2024

Patricia Perello

Dubai is known for many things: Ultramodern architecture that defies belief; curated landscapes designed to satisfy even the most critical aesthete; and luxury, the likes of which most of the world could only imagine.  But perhaps it should be known for its best-kept secret: That a young, defiant collective of…
Efe Kahya, head barista at Ru coffeeCoffee StoriesEfe Kahya
24th April 2024

Efe Kahya

Art can be inspirational through many forms and mediums, but for Efe Kahya, he finds it in smooth, rich, and unique cups of coffee. Efe’s passion for coffee began in 2016 when he was served a V60 pour-over at his local shop, which ultimately led to the beginning of his…
Maria LuciaCoffee StoriesMaría Lucía Restrepo
17th April 2024

María Lucía Restrepo

Hailing from the luscious landscapes of Colombia, María Lucía Restrepo considers herself a newbie in the coffee industry, learning along the way and changing lives one ping-pong paddle at a time. We caught up with Maria at Shanghai Hotelex, and listened to her story, to get an insight into the…
Rens Tuzon coffee artistCoffee StoriesRens Tuzon
10th April 2024

Rens Tuzon

The craft of coffee is innately artistic — each sip of a quality brew sparks admiration, a reminder of the mastery it demands. From novel brewing methods to unconventional roasting styles, those in the industry strive to marry creativity with innovation, forever seeking the next best method to serve and…
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