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15th May 2023

Shelton Aprilette

The Coffee Wristbands project showcases the unique designs of creatives within the coffee community, all while giving back to the coffee world. Today, we take a look at one of…
Luca Romito baristaCoffee Stories
10th May 2023

Luca Romito

This coffee story is about Luca Romito, a 29-year-old barista from a small town at the foot of the Euganean Hills in Veneto, Italy, who works as a barista in…
Serafim ZoukasCoffee Stories
2nd May 2023

Serafim Zoukas

During the 2022 National Coffee Championships hosted by SCA's Greek branch as part of, Stathis Koremtas was crowned the first-place champion, and George Delichristos took second. The third place award,…
Darren MeachemCoffee Stories
18th April 2023

Darren Meachem

From tasting his first Ethiopian - washed coffee to placing second in 2019’s Australian Northern regional World Aeropress Championship, Darren Meachem’s journey through coffee goes deep. This is his coffee…
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5th April 2023

Rivo Trie Septiadiguna

Unlike most businesses, which value profit over anything else, Endemix Nusantara values its community over making money. This is the coffee story of the face of the coffee business, Rivo…
Sarah SilviaCoffee Stories
28th March 2023

Sarah Silvia

We would have called her the “Traveling Barista,” but she isn’t a barista in her travels, and while she is a barista, she doesn’t travel. From America to Costa Rica,…
Emre Kalkan 2Coffee Stories
20th March 2023

Emre Kalkan

Somewhere on the streets of Heidelberg, Germany, lies a one-of-a-kind contraption. Is it a kiosk? Is it a bicycle? Well, it’s both. This is the story of Emre Kalkan. The…
Emma NiroCoffee Stories
13th March 2023

Emma Niro

The pen can truly be mightier than the sword if the one who wields it is a master in the art of writing. Some of the most popular writers, like…
Ensaio Aline WEB 234Coffee Stories
7th March 2023

Aline Codo

From Telecommunication Engineering to the 15 Coffee Company. How did Aline Codo take that leap of transition into coffee from such an in-demand field? This is her coffee story.  …
momentemCoffee Stories
3rd March 2023

Javier Quiroz

Javier Quiroz’s coffee journey starts from humble beginnings: as a broke college student. He was searching for a job in order to pay for his studies in economics while fulfilling…
Younes SalehiCoffee Stories
27th February 2023

Younes Salehi

Iranian barista and roaster, Younes Salehi, was drawn to coffee at a young age. His dive into the coffee industry began when he was just 19 years old. Today, he…
Kevin KaunangCoffee Stories
17th February 2023

Kevin Kaunang

Over and over again, we focus on how coffee enthusiasts and daily drinkers need to value the service received from baristas and everyone else on the coffee chain. What if…
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