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James HarperCoffee Stories
5th February 2023

James Harper

Italian-Australian, James Harper, is the founder and host of Filter Stories—a podcast on the extraordinary stories behind a cup of coffee. Although his podcast features stories on others, among other…
Sinan GencCoffee Stories
31st January 2023

Sinan Genc

Sinan Genc’s career did not begin in coffee, rather, he was studying to become an electrical and electronics engineer with a PhD focusing on optical sensors to detect, classify and…
Mariam Erin PinzaArticlesCoffee Stories
25th January 2023

S3E2: NOT JUST A BARISTA – Meet the 2023 UAE Barista Champion Mariam Erin Pinza

Who is the most popular barista in 2023 so far? No doubt, it is Mariam Erin Pinza, the 2023 UAE Barista Champion, who is also the @coffeewristbands angel in UAE,…
IMG 3505coffee storyCoffee Stories
23rd January 2023

Yolima Taborda Rojas

Yolima Taborda Rojas’ story begins on her parents’ coffee farm in Colombia called Finca La Vega, located in the small village of San José in the town of Amagá. (And…
JualiaCoffee Stories
20th January 2023

Julia Behlendorf

How Do You Spell “Community?”  C-O-F-F-E-E:  How Julia Behlendorf Discovered That a Career in Coffee is Not About Commission and Pay but Connection and Purpose “I’m trying every day to…
Sueda Emir story coverCoffee Stories
17th January 2023

Süeda Emir

Gastronomy is the study of food and culture, the skill of preparing and serving rich or delicate and attractive cuisine, regional cooking methods, and the science of excellent eating. How…
Elyias cover websiteArticlesCoffee Stories
13th January 2023

Meet Elysia Tan, Singapore Brewers Cup Champion 2019 & 2022

In the first episode of season 3 of the I'M NOT A BARISTA podcast, we talked to Elysia Tan, a coffee entrepreneur, roaster, and professional barista with multiple titles. She…
Helena OlivieroCoffee Stories
9th January 2023

Helena Oliviero

When Helena Oliviero was introduced to the coffee world, she was initially using it as a stepping stone to becoming a bartender. She had started working at an Italian coffee…
Petros MalousisCoffee Stories
5th January 2023

Petros Malousis

Last year, we interviewed Petros Malousis, the operational manager of Coffee Lab and he shared with us his spectacular journey from a barista to where he is now. We hope…
Wayne ShihCoffee Stories
4th January 2023

Wayne Shih

Coffee has been a part of Wayne Shih’s life for about 30 years. Today, he is the owner of a tiny coffee shop in Taiwan and is well-known for his…
Kurniawan Arif MaspulCoffee Stories
31st October 2022

Kurniawan Arif Maspul

Kurniawan Arif Maspul had his first sip of coffee from his father’s cup at the age of four. Ever since he was a little boy, he has been drinking Tubruk…
Viviana Adame coffee storyCoffee Stories
27th October 2022

Viviana Adame

“HUMANITY RUNS ON COFFEE.” This phrase has been running around the world, on snapback hats, T-Shirts, hoodies, and now, on coffee wristbands. Viviana Adame’s story is another proof of the…
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