We’re a Not-for-profit Organization exclusively designed to
help baristas in need and make a social impact.


We understand

Coffee is one of the most enjoyable beverages in the world. Rarely do we know, however, the effort that it entails from bean to cup, throughout the value chain, involving farmers, roasters, baristas and other coffee enthusiasts alike. Humanity runs on coffee, so we believe we can use it to connect people and build bridges across communities around the world.

Working as a barista means being a true craftsman!  From honoring the coffee itself to taking you, the customer, around the world in a single cup, a good barista can deliver your favorite drink by having developed and perfected skills over years of intensive training, with dedication and passion.

But this physically and emotionally demanding job that often begins with early morning shifts can often prove to be undervalued and not as respected as jobs in the coffee chain. This is why we want to help baristas in need, and raise global awareness to help transform the barista’s professional image, and show the world their true social value.

Our vision

"Make coffee connect the world"

Drinking coffee is probably the one daily habit that we all share on a global level. However, we rarely know how much effort has gone into a great cup of coffee. Through each stage of the value chain, we have numerous coffee enthusiasts working hard with incredible passion, love, and good will. Humanity runs on coffee and we want to make this connect us all.

So why the I’M NOT A BARISTA T-shirt?

We’ve noticed many baristas are either too busy or just too shy to talk to their customers, which is why we designed this t-shirt. It’s a t-shirt on a serious mission but going about it in an ironic way; it can prove to be the ideal icebreaker in starting a conversation with others: “so … you are not a barista?”.

Coffee connects people, so let’s talk. 

Let’s assume that if baristas could communicate more effectively and efficiently with coffee consumers, especially those interested in knowing more about the world of specialty coffee, they could surely contribute greatly and could help spread valuable knowledge more easily. We believe they are one the most important factor that is often undervalued in the 3rd wave coffee movement, so we think it’s time we get the communication thread going.  


"Humanity runs on coffee, we help baristas in need."

From the beginning, we set out to create a platform meant to have a global social impact that can help to transform the professional image of your average barista while also improving their social value and offer them support in maximizing their contribution to the coffee industry.

Our Programmes

Help A Barista

Social Programme

Dec. 2019

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and shine bright in the coffee world.

We’ve said it before: working as a barista means being a true craftsman! If you want to share your passion for coffee with millions of people, the competition stage is where you go to show all you’ve got to the world. We understand that this is not an easy journey, but what we’ve learned so far is that all the champions who achieved success, have done so by solving all the problems that presented themselves along the way. They found the help they needed within and when that was no longer enough, they reached out and found other helping hands that provided the much needed support on their voyage. And they kept on going…regardless of the obstacles that came their way. Do you find yourself in this description, are you also one of them?

As a NPO, we do our best to keep you constantly motivated and we believe that strong actions come from strong emotions. Coffee connects people, and you’re not alone on this journey. We are here alongside millions of others to help you reach your goal. Get inspired and motivated by real life coffee stories from baristas, roasters, farmers, and coffee enthusiasts around the world.

What we’ve achieved so far

We are fortunate enough to be currently receiving support from 17 countries that include The Netherlands, Greece, The United Kingdom, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Austria, Italy, Singapore, Germany, Russia, Romania, Mexico, Brazil, and The United States. Meanwhile, we managed to make a 100€ donation to a barista competed in the 2020 Greek Brewers Cup Championship. 

Social Campaign #brewathome

Social Campaign

Mar 20, 2020

#brewathome is a global social campaign designed to help the coffee community and customers navigate this global pandemic. 

It aims to connect coffee roasters, baristas and consumers alike during this challenging time by encouraging coffee lovers to safely brew at home through online purchases from their local coffee roasters, while also helping them maintain interest in the business and promoting online sales either by sharing tutorials, tips, organizing online events, or appealing giveaways.

#brewathome represents our desire to support coffee and all the people who love it. We are aware of the economic impact that this situation will have on baristas and coffee lovers alike and want to help as much as we can by creating a fun and welcoming community that’s more than happy to provide tips and noteworthy inspiration to set you on a path of brewing great coffee at home.

We firmly believe in the connection aspect of coffee: be it an espresso at the end of a big meal with the family, a cappuccino with your best friend, the random chat with a stranger who’s sitting next to you at your favorite coffee shop or that short ten minute you and your colleague took to recharge after your lunch break.

Right now we all miss our family, friends, colleagues, and favorite baristas. It’s a moment in which we all need a bit more connection and support.

#brewathome wants to help by offering a safe space where people can bond, connect, share good coffee-making practices, entertain each other with challenges, and zoom parties. At the same time, we want to support roasters, coffee brand makers and, of course, baristas by promoting their work online and by encouraging people to buy their coffee and brew it in the safety of their own home.

What we’ve achieved

Until now, we have gained more than 180 international partners, and have gotten noticed and mentioned by already established coffee media outlets such as the Barista Magazine, Perfect Daily Grind, etc. We also receive support from more than 80 international volunteers that we’re grateful to have and have created a new Instagram account @brewathome_official  to better promote small roasters and coffee businesses through building a new platform that connects everyone in the coffee industry in an easier and friendlier manner.

We also organized a big global #brewathome back-to-the-coffee-community giveaway with 16 partners and delivered 33 Prizes with coffee lovers around the world. The #brewathome is still going strong, and we will be launching more helpful programs to help roasteries, coffee shops, baristas, and other coffee people in the coffee world.

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