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Humanity Runs On Coffee

With your purchase today, we can continue to make small donations to motivate baristas and to provide support to those barista competitors with financial struggles around the world. 

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Who are you helping today?

Track the donation process to know how we help people in the coffee community.

Start small, but dream big

Sharing is Caring.

Your support will mean that we can reach our goal of supporting and empowering baristas worldwide, you can help us, help them reach their fullest potential. Through online events, we provide a platform to guide new baristas into the coffee industry, we also aim to change the negative image that they face in society. Together, we can raise awareness of issues from low wages to the disregard from employers that baristas face. Together, we can do better.

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Other ways

To Give

There are lots of ways to support our mission to empower baristas and people behind the cups. Does your employer match charitable donations? Do you shop online? We have a program “Buy a T-shirt, help a Barista”, grab an I’M NOT A BARISTA T-shirt on our web shop, and be part of the movement.

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