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Welcome to join I’M NOT A BARISTA Coffee Wristband Charity Program. This project aims to bridge you and your local coffee community, and the international coffee people from all over the world. Coffee Wristbands is a fundraising program that brings coffee artists together for collaborations on projects that give back to the coffee community.

Please let us know the amount of wristbands you would like to order

It is easy to do good with us. Simply place an order here and promo and sell wristbands together with our international partners. We suggest you choose the super combo package.

We guarantee that will get the lowest production price from I'M NOT A BARISTA,  we do not make any profit from selling the wristbands to any of our charity partners. As the main idea is to heavily involve our partners in terms of promotion, sales, and donations. This means you will keep all the revenue from the wristbands, and make donations directly back to your local coffee community.

If you want to distribute the coffee wristbands to your local businesses, we need you to charge at least $1 USD extra to make sure that each wristband sold will have one $1 to the charity. As a partner, it is your responsibility to report to your fundraising process. In coffee, we trust, and we hope you respect this relationship.

What you will get from the Super combo package.
300 pre-packed wristbands with OPP bags and stickers. Each wristband comes with a unique identity number because all wristbands from this project are limited edition. For example, we print only 3000 copies of Nükhet Çubukçular design, and in each wristband, you will find a No. like 0023/3000.

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We will contact you with more information regarding how to join our partner meeting, an invitation to the partner IG group, and more promotion information.

Since this charity program is still a new idea that requires a lot of hard work from all of us, we are currently working on a more detailed system that helps all partners in terms of product promotion, events promotion, program transparency, etc.

You can learn more information with the links below

Become our charity partner today