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Design to help the coffee community

Coffee Wristbands is a fundraising program that brings coffee artists together for collaborations on projects that give back to the coffee community.


Everything You Need to Know to Prepare the Coffee Wristbands Design

This is a charity program that we welcome all designers to join us. However, to give a voice to the coffee people in the coffee community, all designs must be coffee related. To become a volunteer designer, you are willing to contribute your design to I’M NOT A BARISTA and give us the full right to use it for charity purposes. We will cover the full production cost to let your design connect thousand of coffee lovers around the world, all funds raised from your design will be used to help coffee people in need.


The success of our fundraising heavily relies on the quality of your design, and the quality of your design relies on the print files you create and your understanding of speciality coffee. The better the quality of your print files and design story, the better the overall performance of the fundraising. However, we can not guarantee your design will be accepted.


We expect you to be a design export or at least have some level of design experience. We hope you understand the design requirement listed here.

  1. Acceptable content: Original design only, no marketing for any coffee product. 
  2. Your work should come with a full story explaining your design, inspiration, values, and meanings.
  3. Accept file type: PDF, AI, ID, or PNG (>300dip, or Vectors)
  4. Print area of the wristband, 180mm × 25mm. We recommend you use 200mm as the full size because the logo will cover some parts of your design.
  5. Color profile: CMYK, or sRGB IEC61966-2.1
  6. Detail: Remember it is a small wristband, do not make over complicated details.
  7. Print material: Your accepted design will be printed on elastic fabric stripes.
  8. The head and tail will be connected with a black square I’M NOT A BARISTA logo.
  9. You can insert your signature if you want 🙂

Congratulations, if you carefully follow our request and are happy with your final design. Please send your wristband design to, make sure you also DM us on Instagram.