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Crafting the Perfect Coffee Wristband Design – Everything You Need to Know 

Welcome to our charitable initiative where we beckon designers far and wide to partake. Our mission is to amplify the voices of the coffee community, and thus, we ask that all designs encapsulate this coffee theme. As a volunteer designer, you would graciously bestow your design upon ‘I’M NOT A BARISTA,’ granting us the unrestricted privilege to utilize your creation for charity endeavors. 

Rest assured, we will shoulder the complete production costs. Your design will serve as a magnetic connection, uniting thousands of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Furthermore, the funds derived from your design will be judiciously deployed to assist individuals in the coffee community who are grappling with hardships. We invite you to be an integral part of this benevolent cause.


The efficacy of our fundraising efforts greatly hinges on the caliber of your design. Notably, the quality of your design is, in turn, contingent upon the excellence of the print files you generate and your grasp of specialty coffee. The more refined your print files are and the more compelling your design story is, the more it enhances the overall impact of the fundraising initiative. 

However, please understand that we operate under certain constraints and cannot pledge absolute acceptance of all designs submitted. Each design undergoes a stringent appraisal process to ensure it aligns with our objectives and mission. Nonetheless, every design is valued and contributes to our overarching goal of supporting the coffee community.


As a design participant, we’re looking for individuals with expert design skills or at least a modicum of design experience. Please ensure you fully comprehend the following design requirements:

  1. Design Constituents: Submissions must be entirely original, with no overt promotional content for any coffee brand or product. Each entry should include a comprehensive narrative detailing your design’s inspiration, inherent values, and associated meanings.
  2. File Format: Acceptable formats include PDF, AI, ID, or PNG (>300dpi, or Vectors).
  3. Design Area: The dimensions for the wristband print area are 190mm x 25mm. Please centralize your main design element within a 175x25mm space, accounting for a 25x25mm square logo label.
  4. Color Template: Please adhere to either CMYK or sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profiles.
  5. Visual Detail: Keep in mind that the design will be printed on a small wristband. As such, any design details smaller than 1mm may not be clearly visible, so avoid overly intricate components.
  6. Print Material: Successful designs will be printed onto elastic fabric stripes.
  7. Personal Touch: Feel free to include your signature! We’d recommend positioning it on the side.
wristband design dimension 1
Your main design here 170x25mm
Extended area 15x25mm
Extended area 15x25mm

Congratulations on completing your design in accordance with our requirements! If you’re satisfied with your final submission, please forward your wristband design to To ensure we process your submission without delay, we kindly ask that you fill out our brief application form to notify us of your email. Thank you.


Upon acceptance of your design, we will proudly feature your work as part of our distinguished collection of wristband designers on our website, providing you with due credit for your valuable contribution. Your design will also gain visibility via active promotion through our network of charitable partners, ensuring it attains the recognition it merits.

Moreover, your creative masterpiece will breathe life on our wristbands, resonating with thousands across the globe and reaching an audience of unprecedented scale. As a token of our appreciation, we will send you tangible wristbands featuring your design – allowing you to showcase your artistic achievement, or spread the joy by sharing them with friends and family.

Designer registration

Let us know the draft idea of your wristband design and ideas. This will help us better organize all the design applications.