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Shelton Aprilette

By 15th May 2023June 26th, 2023No Comments4 min read

The Coffee Wristbands project showcases the unique designs of creatives within the coffee community, all while giving back to the coffee world. Today, we take a look at one of the designers behind the latest wristband design Shelton Aprilette. This is his coffee story.


“Coffee connects people”


Shelton Aprilette’s coffee journey started in his home in 2019 but evolved into competing in a 2021 National Latte Art competition and later a coffee brewing competition in Oregon. It’s amazing how fast and how far coffee can truly take people when they dedicate their time and craft to it, and for Shelton, that has been his experience. Throughout his student life, Shelton’s primary focus has been on his passion for art but has recently intersected with the coffee world with his design for the Coffee Wristband project.


Shelton Aprilette

“From a wristband, you connect people AND coffee”


Born and raised in Indonesia, Shelton’s design draws inspiration from his homeland and pays homage to its landscape, culture, and coffee. The red and white arrangement is drawn from the Indonesian flag, reflecting its rich and vibrant culture. Throughout the band, you’ll see some motifs sprinkled throughout a beautiful coffee plant and a dripper, interweaving both culture and coffee in a beautiful way.

Shelton Aprilette's design inspired by Dari Sabang sampai Merauke

Shelton Aprilette’s design inspired by Dari Sabang sampai Merauke

The widespread wings represent the culture of homebrewing, enabling those to enjoy and experiment with the techniques used to create an extraordinary cup of coffee. Lastly, the mountains complement the feathers to illustrate the Indonesian philosophy of “Sabang Sampai Merauke,” inviting connection and togetherness as one, despite our diverse traditions and backgrounds. 


“You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about a person over coffee”


The culture of connection really drew Shelton toward coffee and opened several opportunities to learn, practice, and enjoy his artistic craft. Between being a Graphics Design student and competing in latte art competitions, Shelton is also working on opening his own coffee shop in Indonesia. The space will be used to teach and enjoy coffee with the community, and focus on building meaningful connections.


To get to know Shelton a little better, we had a quick “Rapid Fire” question session with him. Let’s take a closer look at the designer behind the design:


What is your favourite way to brew coffee?
– Manual brew!

Favorite art style?
– There’s a lot, but maybe I’m into brush strokes.

Currently drinking?
– Coffee coffee coffee

Besides designs for the coffee wristband, what else are you up to that’s coffee related?
– Artisan cups or drippers

Do you have a pour-over recipe you often use or is a favorite?
– I do have, and I always change my recipes. Almost every week I do some research, trial and error for some brewing recipes and techniques to make my coffee even better.

Favorite coffee accessory?
– Artisan cups or drippers. Are those accessories?

Any advice on aspiring latte artists out there?
– Keep grinding and make some crazy things when making latte art.


Being able to meet so many different people with diverse backgrounds really helped us embody what this wristband represents. With the mission to support small Indonesian coffee farms, each purchase of the wristband will help more coffee people in need. Shelton Aprilette hopes to keep making meaningful connections through coffee and share the culture of Indonesia through the Coffee Wristbands Project to support the humans behind coffee.

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Technologist by trade, Coffee by life.. Sharing the stories of those who deserve it most in this wonderful coffee community..