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Coffee Stories

Viviana Adame coffee story
Coffee Stories
27th October 2022

Viviana Adame

“HUMANITY RUNS ON COFFEE.” This phrase has been running around the world, on snapback hats, T-Shirts, hoodies, and now, on coffee wristbands. Viviana Adame’s story is another proof of the…
Aurora Thomo and her Golden Bean project
Coffee Stories
13th October 2022

Aurora Thomo

Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life (Oscar Wilde). What about Coffee? What about the gentle strokes in brewing and the emotional feelings that coffee brings? Is Art,…
André Eiermann
Coffee Stories
30th September 2022

André Eiermann

The first time André Eiermann had his first cup of coffee was during the interview for a Junior Coffee Trader position. After the interview, André was convinced that coffee was…
Fabienne Braun 2
Coffee Stories
26th September 2022

Fabienne Braun

Fabienne Braun was fortunate enough to get acquainted with coffee culture from all around the world. At the age of fifteen, she took on an apprenticeship as an optician and…
wristband ru xangela
Coffee Stories
14th September 2022

Apoorv Agarwal

From Tragedy to Triumph:  Apoorv Agarwal’s Story About How a Single Cup of Coffee Changed His Life   If there was ever a poster child for the old proverb, “If…