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Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran

Take a bow! You got to this section! I'm a Creative Writer and Electrical Engineering Student from Nigeria. "I laugh in the face of danger." -Simba

Nadia ParkCoffee Stories

Nadia Park

“I just didn't want to make educational content. I never won (or participated in) a Brewer's or Barista’s Championship, so I had no visible credibility. And as much as I would like to explain things, I think those are for others. For me, it was more about how I can…
Ewa MalickaCoffee Stories

Ewa Malicka

When most people think about touring different countries, they think of the landmarks, heritage sites, and tourist destinations deemed fit by people all over the world. Today’s coffee story introduces Ewa Malicka, who loves to tour countries, not for sightseeing but to experience coffee and coffee shops in place of…
Kiah ParangueCoffee Stories

Kiah Parangue

Everyone loves backstage passes; getting the opportunity to see behind the scenes and being part of the structure of events. Being backstage is not always what it claims to be, as it could be more than glamour, but a desire wanting to be achieved. This is Kiah Parangue’s coffee story.…
Coffee Stories

Rivo Trie Septiadiguna

Unlike most businesses, which value profit over anything else, Endemix Nusantara values its community over making money. This is the coffee story of the face of the coffee business, Rivo Trie Septiadiguna.   Rivo Trie Septiadiguna Rivo has slowly become a constant name in I’M NOT A BARISTA’s operations. He…
Coffee Stories

Sarah Silvia

We would have called her the “Traveling Barista,” but she isn’t a barista in her travels, and while she is a barista, she doesn’t travel. From America to Costa Rica, to Spain, we follow Sarah Silvia’s coffee journey and discover how coffee, which she considered disgusting at first, became the…
Coffee Stories

Emre Kalkan

Somewhere on the streets of Heidelberg, Germany, lies a one-of-a-kind contraption. Is it a kiosk? Is it a bicycle? Well, it’s both. This is the story of Emre Kalkan. The inventor of the the first environmentally friendly mobile coffee bike. Emre Kalkan Don’t let his sunglasses fool you; Emre Kalkan's…
Coffee Stories

Emma Niro

The pen can truly be mightier than the sword if the one who wields it is a master in the art of writing. Some of the most popular writers, like Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and Stephenie Meyer, had quite the journeys before releasing their world-renowned novels, and we’re glad to…
Coffee Stories

Aline Codo

From Telecommunication Engineering to the 15 Coffee Company. How did Aline Codo take that leap of transition into coffee from such an in-demand field? This is her coffee story.   Curiosity can be the starting point of any great invention, and in Aline Codo’s case, this was it. Her birth…
Coffee Stories

Kevin Kaunang

Over and over again, we focus on how coffee enthusiasts and daily drinkers need to value the service received from baristas and everyone else on the coffee chain. What if the spotlight is on the coffee shop itself? From its management and how it is run to improving the livelihood…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
17th February 2023
Coffee Stories

Süeda Emir

Gastronomy is the study of food and culture, the skill of preparing and serving rich or delicate and attractive cuisine, regional cooking methods, and the science of excellent eating. How does this relate to coffee? This is  Süeda Emir’s coffee story. Süeda Emir is using Aeropress This is the story…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
17th January 2023