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Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran

Take a bow! You got to this section! I'm an author at I'M NOT A BARISTA, a Creative Writer and Electrical Engineer from Nigeria. "I laugh in the face of danger." -Simba


Carlo Barbi

Anyone who has excelled in the ceramics industry for over thirty years will have tales of growth, improvement, and valuable insights into building a successful business. Carlo Barbi, the CEO of Club House, has steered the company since taking over from his father, learning many life lessons along the way.…
Norah Ba Fadhl - Coffee Wristband DesignerCoffee Stories

Norah Ba Fadhl 

Our coffee wristband designs draw inspiration from artists hailing from different parts of the world, and our debut designer, Norah Ba Fadhl, preaches the message of history and coffee tradition in her newest design. Norah Ba Fadhl - Coffee Wristband Designer For someone like Norah, it can be difficult to…
Nawar Adra, founder of Stitch CoffeeCoffee Stories

Nawar Adra

Anyone listening to Nawar Adra would know he is well-traveled and nurtures a deep love for the coffee community. In our recent chat with him at the Shanghai Hotelex event, we discussed his vision for Stitch Coffee and the culture shock he experienced when visiting China.   Nawar Adra, founder…
Arif Budiyanto coffee farmer from Indonesia, donation recipient of coffee wristbandsCoffee Stories

Arif Budiyanto

To do what you can, with what you have, where you are, is no small feat, and for Arif Budiyanto, that means going above and beyond to make the best of all that life throws his way. Be it improving himself by learning and relearning or improving a whole community…
Maria LuciaCoffee Stories

María Lucía Restrepo

Hailing from the luscious landscapes of Colombia, María Lucía Restrepo considers herself a newbie in the coffee industry, learning along the way and changing lives one ping-pong paddle at a time. We caught up with Maria at Shanghai Hotelex, and listened to her story, to get an insight into the…
Vera LiCoffee Stories

Vera Li

Firstly, we have Vera Li from Cafe Elements, a green coffee bean buyer company in China that sources its beans from Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador. Cafe Elements started as a personal desire for Vera to change the narrative of the coffee industry in China, as she was formerly in the…
Nadia ParkCoffee Stories

Nadia Park

“I just didn't want to make educational content. I never won (or participated in) a Brewer's or Barista’s Championship, so I had no visible credibility. And as much as I would like to explain things, I think those are for others. For me, it was more about how I can…
Ewa MalickaCoffee Stories

Ewa Malicka

When most people think about touring different countries, they think of the landmarks, heritage sites, and tourist destinations deemed fit by people all over the world. Today’s coffee story introduces Ewa Malicka, who loves to tour countries, not for sightseeing but to experience coffee and coffee shops in place of…
Kiah ParangueCoffee Stories

Kiah Parangue

Everyone loves backstage passes; getting the opportunity to see behind the scenes and being part of the structure of events. Being backstage is not always what it claims to be, as it could be more than glamour, but a desire wanting to be achieved. This is Kiah Parangue’s coffee story.…