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Pierangely Parada

By 9th July 2024No Comments4 min read

Pierangely Parada is a coffee lover, entrepreneur, and “full-time mom” who has built her life around her passion for coffee.

Pierangely Parada, owner of Solo coffee protecting Mayan culture

Pierangely Parada (left), owner of Solo Coffee, dedicated to preserving Mayan culture.

Raised by parents from Xalapa, Veracruz, one of Mexico’s coffee-producing regions, Pierangely Parada grew up surrounded by the rich aroma of coffee. Her father was involved with Cafés de México, an organization within the coffee industry, and according to Pierangely,


“A house is not a house if it doesn’t smell like coffee in the mornings.”


Pierangely firmly believes that coffee is like your best friend.


“What don’t you do drinking coffee? The best conversations and the most delicious gossip are around a cup of coffee. Coffee accompanies you, or at least me, in my hours of work, of quiet, of solitude, and with great friends. It’s the perfect way to end a wonderful dinner or start the year or a project or a good book. I definitely think coffee is the best companion and counselor, as they say, coffee doesn’t ask questions, it understands, and the best part? After having a good coffee, you have answers.”


This belief has fueled her various personal and work projects. For each project, it begins not just with a step, but with a step to pour herself a cup of coffee.

In 2018, Pierangely’s journey took a transformative turn when she met Don Arturo, the founder of Café La Selva. After tasting this exceptional coffee, she fell in love with it. When invited to distribute Café La Selva in Monterrey, she couldn’t refuse. Her first visit to Chiapas, where Café La Selva is produced, was eye-opening. Pierangely was deeply moved by the dedication and love the local communities put into every step of the coffee-making process.


Café La Selva comes from a cooperative in Chiapas, based in the municipality of Las Margaritas. It is formed by over 488 families from various Mayan groups, including the Tzeltzales and Tojolabales, who have dedicated their lives to producing high-quality coffee. These families manage the entire value chain, from growing and picking to drying, shipping, and roasting, with love infused in every step. Their efforts have earned them six international certifications, encompassing Mexican, American, and European standards.



Inspired by this experience, Pierangely established No Solo Café, an online business based in Monterrey. No Solo Café (literally meaning not just coffee) started by selling Café La Selva and has since expanded to include honey, homemade cookies, and recently, coffee gelato. The honey comes from a community that supports and empowers indigenous women in Mexico, while the cookies and gelato are homemade by Pierangely, adding a personal touch to the business.


The business aims to promote the consumption of organic Mexican coffee, support local producers, and minimize environmental impact by encouraging the use of reusable packages and refills like coffee jars.


“We believe in an honest cup of coffee, that has not only a great flavor and body, but also all the ancestral knowledge of Mayan culture. Every time you drink Café La Selva you are drinking the history of Mexico in a cup of coffee.”


Despite facing challenges such as the popularity of trendy non-Mexican coffees and the reluctance of some Mexican consumers to buy coffee online, Pierangely has persisted. She has evolved her business by introducing new products and continuously promoting the quality of Mexican coffee. She encourages consumers to appreciate the advantages of fair trade, not just for themselves but also for the producers.


“Let’s turn our head and see what is happening in our country,” she urges.


Outside of her coffee business, Pierangely loves animals and everything related to the sea. She finds joy in simple pleasures like coffee, tacos, chocolate, the ocean, and friends. Above all, the most important job in her life is being a mom. She runs No Solo Café from her home in Monterrey, where her children also take part, making it a proud family business.

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