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Catherine Gu 顾娘娘Coffee Stories

Catherine Gu

In the world of coffee, where the aroma of freshly ground beans can tell a story of passion and dedication, Catherine Gu, known affectionately as Empress Gu in the coffee community in China, stands out not just as a connoisseur but as a beacon for all who cherish the humble…
8th November 2023
coffee storyCoffee Stories

David Coleman

David Coleman, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, is the founder of MoreFlavour, a high-end coffee equipment wholesale and supply store specializing in import and distribution of products focused on home brewing. David Coleman David spent the early years of his career in the United Kingdom working under…
Maximillian Wee
4th April 2022
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Khalid Almalki

Moving around the world to find the passion, this is Khalid, and this is my journey. Khalid Almalki sitting in green coffee beans (image by okacoffeeco) My name is Khalid, a trip halfway around the world romanced by the coffee capital of Australia. He dropped everything, traveled to Melbourne, and…
 Darren Meachem
8th September 2020