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Maximillian Wee

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David Coleman

David Coleman, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, is the founder of MoreFlavour, a high-end coffee equipment wholesale and supply store specializing in import and distribution of products focused on home brewing. David Coleman David spent the early years of his career in the United Kingdom working under…
Maximillian Wee
4th April 2022

Kindness is positively contagious in the coffee world

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple. An old adage I’ll never forget, in essence, it insinuates that kindness is positively contagious. It is likely that through acts of kindness, our ability to connect with others on an emotional level is increased and as a result, strengthens our…
Maximillian Wee
4th April 2022
Aslam, Sarah and MaxCoffee Stories

Aslam and Sarah Lee

Here’s a question for all coffee shop owners and baristas out there: Ever had trouble communicating with customers because you were unsure of their expectations?  Barista-customer interaction is a crucial cog in the machine, imperative to a specialty coffee shop experience. In a discussion between both sides of the coin,…
Maximillian Wee
14th March 2022
Coffee Stories

Pradyut Moona

Pradyut Moona is possibly the youngest roaster in Singapore, only turning 18 this year. Like many of us, coffee was but a hobby for him as a home brewer. It later became an obsession as he took up a part-time barista role at Quarter Life Coffee as it seemed like…
Maximillian Wee
31st January 2022
Marc CalaycayCoffee Stories

Marc Calaycay

Marc Ferdinand Lou Calaycay is a Filipino bartender turned barista, and now a coffee roaster working at Papa Palheta (PPP) Coffee – a pioneer of specialty coffee in Singapore. Marc’s early career lead him down the path of a mixologist, aspiring to establish his own coffee-cocktail bar back home in…
Maximillian Wee
16th December 2021