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Name one of your proudest title 😀

Please let us know what dripper this recipe suits best? Hario V60, Kalita wave...?

1= very fine 10=very course

e.g. 1:15, 1:17

Please specify the brewing time for each section in the next page

Please share the detailed brewing guide and tips of using your recipe

We want to help coffee lovers brew tasty coffee with ease, and your recipe can help the global coffee community connected. All profit generated from our project will be donated to help barista competitors with financial struggle.

We will have you listed on our ambassador league, and send you instruction on how we can work together to make a bigger impact to help the project and baristas in need.

To connect more people within the coffee community, your name and Instagram will be shown with your recipe together so that other coffee lovers who love your recipe can connect with you.

To make your brewing card more special, we need your handwriting signature. *You can write your signature on a piece of white paper, we can help with the rest. If you couldn't upload directly, you can also send it to email [email protected]