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Mission to accomplish

General tasks

  1. Promote your local roasters through reposting their IG feeds, use hashtag #brewathome with their special offer (find here)
  2. Promote NPO I’M NOT A BARISTA with ready to use images (find here)
  3. Reach out to potential partners (local coffee roasteries, coffee producers, coffee businesses…) with campaign info from here
  4. Assist your “clients” to sign up here in English 🇬🇧, Sign up in Russia 🇷🇺
  5. Reach out to your local press and media with Press in English 🇬🇧Press in Spanish 🇪🇸

Special tasks

  1. You can help with translating our website into your languages (Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese…)
  2. You can help with refining the current website content on all pages
  3. If you are into graphic design and knows Indesign well, you can help with updating the partner list for IG story
  4. If you are a creative photographer or videographer, you can help us create content for IG. We need a promotional video for the campaign.

How our partners benefit from joining the campaign?

#brewathome offers our partners a world of potential.

We use cross-promotion to increase their brand exposure, reach new customers, and increase sales together with other partners. It helps small roastery reach new customers in their community. On the new Instagram account @brewathome_official, we will promote each roastery with a dedicated post with logo, location, coffee bean, and brand story.

We also partner up with famous coffee brands, for example, AeroPress, Hario, and Comandante, and other leading brand name with big followers. Repost together can generate a multiplied marketing effect and considerably help smaller roasters and businesses grow. With special offer back to your community, our partners are also helping baristas and coffee lovers with finance strain stay at home safely with good coffee. We help each other.

*We don’t take any commission from any partner promoted in this campaign. We just want to connect the dots and help coffee business and coffee people.

Brand Ambassadors

You will find the active ambassadors of the week,  names grey out means currently are available to help.
Updated on week May 3, 2020. If you are not in the list for this update, please let us know or DM on Instagram




The Americas

Ongoing tasks

Website Translation

Campaign page in Spanish



Russian press translation


Arabic press translation



Campaign promotion video


We are currently preparing for a 1 min #brewathome campaign promo video with multiple language voice over

APP development

Are you an APP developer? Join our developing team Check Github project here

Requirement Analysis


APP Design



Campaign page in Spanish (by Gabriela)


Spanish press translation (by Gabriela)


Share #brewathome with the world

Your local coffee community needs your help more than ever.
Download the images below and share them on your Instagram, tag your local roasters and coffee businesses.

If you couldn’t find native language, please contact us

Special thanks to L.A Coffee Masters ‘19 Champion Carlos de la Torre for the Spanish translation, updated by Andrea Pérez de Celis on 04.04.2020

Special thanks to Moka specialist/Coffee blogger Valentina for the Italian translation

Special thanks to Sulaiman for the Arabic translation

Special thanks to ABC Roasters for the Russian translation

Special thanks to Irina for the Russian translation, May 6, 2020.

Special thanks to Hario Japan for the translation

Special thanks to Laetitia R for the French translation

Special thanks to Francisco Siviero for the Portuguese translation

Special thanks to Sebastian Franzén for the Swedish translation

Special thanks to Tzanetos Dalietos for the Greek translation