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How many clicks do I need for this recipe?

That is a great question. There are a lot of coffee grinders and even more various coffee recipes. If you are new in the #brewathome movement, you often wonder how many clicks do you need for pour-over, moka pot, what is sea salt size? we feel your struggle. This is why we are working on a universal grind size calculator & converter to help you master your coffee game like a boss. If you are want to convert the grind size now, click here

Brewing coffee is fun, it is artistic, it is also scientific.

There are so many factors influncing your cup of coffee, we are talking about the complicated coffee science here, water, extraction, time, temperature. etc, just joking, I'M NOT A BARISTA, how to make coffee brewing less intimated without a barista certificate? There is a solution, so let's work together.

Choose your coffee

Choose your coffee origin, roast level, and coffee age.

Choose target particle size/brew method

Choose how fine or coarse you want the coffee ground, or your preferred brew method

Choose your grinder and done.

Choose the hand grinder you use, and let the magic works.

We need your help

Join us and let’s build a app that benefits all coffee lovers.

Project G


Create a APP that is free for all coffee lovers, it is easy to use and helps people brew better coffee.


We need to collect as much data as possible to create a database that covers the most hand grinders in the market, and you, as a Grind Master, will contribute this grinding data with your coffee at home/work. Simply fill out the survey and follow the instruction to help us build a big grinding data.

How to start?

To become a Grind Master to help Project G, you must be a barista or experienced coffee lover. You need to have the following items to start with:

  1. A hand grinder
  2. Coffee beans
  3. Measuring tools, such as Kruve Sifter/Ruler,
  4. or learn to use this software
  5. Most important, passion and love for coffee and willingness do contribute to a better coffee world

If you meet all the requirements on the left side, you are ready to go.

Let's grind.

It sounds easy, and it is easy to participate as a volunteer because the methodology works.

How can you contribute to the Project G?

As a coffee lover, you can sign up to volunteer to build this App with us. If you grind coffee daily, have have measuring tools, then you are qualified to be part of the team.