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Thank you, partners.

Thank you to all our charity partners! Our achievements together have been made possible thanks to the many partners we have worked with since 2022. Together, we have helped your local coffee community through small donations and support, and most importantly, we have given them hope. As we look forward to working with you in the long term, we would like to thank everyone who has been part of this journey so far.

Frequently asked questions

- What determines the wristband price?

Many factors affect the final price.

Market price = $0.8USD (cost per wristband) + $1USD (Donation) + Various cost + Your profit

The maximum price should not be higher than a cup of coffee in your coffee shop. We recommend that you set the price between $3 – 4 USD.

Who are the ideal donees?

Always remember that our goal is to help coffee people in need.

The donees must be:

  1. Coffee people
    From cherry prickers to baristas, who work in the coffee industry.
  2. In need
    They have REAL need for help

We don’t have strict rules because we want our partners to make the correct decisions, and we trust you. However, to make the evaluation process easier for you, we have some examples.

“I need a new hand grinder, and I think C40 is a good choice, and I really want one. Can you help me?”

No. We don’t provide financial support for purchasing purposes.

“I am working 6 days a week and 10 hours a day, but my salary is very low. Recently, I spent all my savings to help my parents… Can you help me?”

Yes. Maybe a few hundred dollars won’t make a significant change, but we are willing to help.

“I am competing in another city in three months as an independent barista. Unfortunately, my boss is not able to support me. I need some help with train tickets and hotels. Can you help me?”

Yes. We are willing to help cover some expenses.

“I am a cherry picker, I work seasonally on the coffee farm and the rest of the year I have to work in other jobs, but this year I don’t have anything, and I need to feed my family. Can you help me?”


“There is a big coffee event in another city, I really want to travel there and see the events, but I am short on money. Can you help?”

We want to, but we believe other people need the money more than you, so sorry.

There are many situations that we cannot list here. We hope you get a general idea, we want to help the people who really need it. If you can not make the decision, please DM us on the Instagram group chat, or email us at

I reached my funding goal, but I don't know whom to help.

Congratulations, great job.

This could happen; sometimes, we don’t know the coffee people around us that well, and someone may not feel comfortable sharing their lives with us. If this is the case, you can always transfer the money back to us; we will use our funds together with ours to help someone in need.

I am too busy to continue supporting the project, what to do?

Doing good is never an easy job, and we understand your struggle. Running a business is a challenging task, and helping us raise funds means you have to work extra to do good. If you cannot continue this partnership, please DM us on Instagram or email us at

How do we set the charity wristband price of our partner?

Creating a wristband from scratch isn’t easy; there are many people and tasks involved. However, our goal is to make sure our charity partners can start doing good with ease; that is why we set the price of each wristband as low as we can so that you can become a charity partner without financial concern.

People involved:

  • A project manager
  • A wristband designer
  • A sticker designer
  • Shipping partner
  • Warehousing partner


  • Opp bag (packaging)
  • Sticker
  • Wristband
  • Shipping bag

Work involved:

  • Design wristband
  • Design sticker
  • All kinds of communication, emails, DM on IG,
  • Communication with designers, suppliers of wristband printing companies, sticker printing companies, logistic partners, etc.
  • Invoice and bookkeeping
  • Project management
  • Charity partner management (Arrange meetings, prepare documents, communicate)
  • Quality control and examination
  • Others

In short, designing a wristband requires much more work than we could imagine. Micky, or anyone from I’M NOT A BARISTA, does not take any profit from creating and selling wristbands; neither do our designers, interns, or volunteers do.  This is the main reason we can keep the cost so low.


If you have any questions regarding the cost and how we calculate the price, email us at

Can we create new wristbands?

Yes, you can. 

If you want to create a wristband that represents your country and culture, you are welcome to find a local designer for designing this special wristband. However, he/she must be a coffee lover, just like us.

What is the process?

You can invite anyone you know and trust to design the wristband; however, we do not guarantee that all designs will be accepted. If you have someone in mind, invite them on board and become our wristband designers. When the design proposal is accepted, we will start preparing the rest of the work and bring the wristband to life.

You can find the design guidance here

Become a designer

I need some photos and videos, where can I find them?

As a partner, you are always welcome to create promotional content yourself, take pictures, and make videos and share with the rest of the partners.

If you need photos or videos done by I’M NOT A BARISTA, use the link below to access to our media kit.