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Could you provide the amount in your local currency and its equivalent in USD, considering the exchange rate on the specific day?

Person or organization

Could you kindly specify the nationality of the individual or the country where the organization is based?

If the recipient is an individual, could you please provide their profession? Such as baristas, farmer. If it's an organization, could we have its name and business nature?

Recipient's Instagram handle

Could you kindly elaborate on what motivated you to make this donation and why you believe it stands as the right decision? We value transparency and we intend to use this information to update our supporters about our donation progress. *As a donor, it is essential that you share genuine and unbiased information. Please note that we are not able to conduct a comprehensive background check on your contribution. Hence, providing false or misleading information falls under your responsibility and if found guilty of fraudulent activities, you will be held solely accountable.

We kindly request you to share photographs or videos of your generous donation so we can acknowledge your goodwill on our Instagram page. This may also be shared by our charity partners to spread the inspiration and join in celebrating your contributions. Evidence of your donation can greatly help in maintaining utmost transparency. The most compelling proof would be an official invoice, especially if you have utilized the fund to purchase food or items. Moreover, real photographic and videographic proof of recipients benefiting from your help or receiving the items you donated is greatly appreciated. This not only substantiates your donation but also enhances our collective effort towards credibility and trust. In case your media files are too large, you can upload them to the following Google Drive folder: Thank you once again for your invaluable support.

By saying yes, means you make this donation for the good of your local coffee community. We will not question your decision unless there is concern in regards to requests from the community.