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Thank you for joining us in creating something really cool and valuable that benefits all coffee lovers. We all know how hard it is to find that perfect grind setting for each brew. To help others quickly find the best grind setting for their hand grinders, we want to build an APP that every coffee lover can use, so let's get started. To provide the accurate result, please make sure you have the necessary equipment:
to have

In this project, we will use the Coffee Particle Size Distribution by Jonathan Gagne, to analyse and raw data (photos) provided by you and other volunteers. If you are interested in how the imaging processing technology works, you can click the link below and try.

In order to collect the most accurate raw data about grinding result, we recommend all volunteers follow the protocol here strictly.

When you're ready, let's get started.

  1. Take photos required
    The numbers of photos to take depends on your grinder. We want to target the most used range 200 micron to 1600 microns. Check requirement for your grinder here.

  2. Save your images
    Rename our photos with "Grinder name" and  "click numbers", for example, "Comandante C40_24clicks"

  3. Submit your images
    To ensure the raw data quality, please upload the original highest quality of your photos.*Do not compress your images.
    *Make sure your photos are sharp, all particles are easy to identify.
    *Make sure the minimum amount of clustered particles.
    *Make sure no obvious shadows around particles.


Download Coffee Particle Size Distribution
OS X here and Windows here ! His full GitHub repo is here.
(Chris Satterlee generously developed install packages )

If your grinder is not listed above, choose others

Please let us know the size of your coin or other reference in millimetre

As a grind master, you are assigned a simple but fun task. Adjust your hand grinder's setting to match the best result for each brew method, and then based on that click/setting, adjust your grinder up and down 9 clicks to see the difference. 

The main goal is to find the settings for most used brew method, espresso, Turkish coffee, Aeropress, Moka pot, Pour-over, French press, and cold-brew. This is the most used range we use daily from 200 microns to 1600 microns. 

For example,
If you use a grinder with less than 12 clicks per round, you can choose start with best setting for espresso. Let's assume the perfect setting will be 8 clicks for your grinder, take a picture of 8 clicks result, then take 6(8-2), 7 (8-1), 8, 9 (8+1), 10 (8+2) clicks.

If your grinder has more than 40 clicks per round, you can double the grind setting, let's say 24 is best for espresso, then use 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 clicks.
With your help, we can build a very accurate grind setting converter that every coffee lover will love to use. Is there anything you wan to share with us? Your coffee story? Your favourite recipe? Let us know.