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Khalid Almalki

By 8th September 2020January 20th, 2021No Comments4 min read

Moving around the world to find the passion, this is Khalid, and this is my journey.

Khalid Almalki 1

Khalid Almalki sitting in green coffee beans (image by okacoffeeco)

My name is Khalid, a trip halfway around the world romanced by the coffee capital of Australia. He dropped everything, traveled to Melbourne, and volunteered to learn the craft.

Khalid wasn’t a big drinker of specialty coffee until the laneways of Melbourne pulled him in.

“I couldn’t stop Myself from trying every shop”

He loved to explore the different origin flavors and roasting styles. Melbourne’s cafes were a lifestyle, not just a city.

Coffee is the Glue that Khalid got stuck on, and he is very happy to stay on this glue. He has been able to ​learn and connect whilst being a barista “It has been one of my best experiences ever!”
That WOW Coffee was the Ethiopia Filter from a Melbourne specialty coffee bar, and it was that moment Khalid knew wanted to learn more.
Whether its art, taking photographs, or just a great chat, Khalid learned and checked off his goals one at a time.

Being half Filipino and Half Saudi, Khalid is Now involved in roasting in Saudi Arabia, Khalid can bring the Coffee capital style passion to his own place. He is now deeply involved in a roastery back in Saudi Arabia, so he continues to learn. The roastery is ​a whole new level of knowledge and excitement.

The third-wave coffee movement particularly shines for Khalid because it significantly impacted the current Saudi Coffee industry. With Booming growth in Saudi Arabia, “It is a huge country with a population of over 32 million, and a couple of months ago, they took an important step” Third wave coffee is exploding.

“The knowledge and the culture behind coffee is a never-ending process where the more you know, the more you don’t know.”

You can find Khalid brewing up his favorite V60 and having a chat about the coffee. He loves the connection the knowledge that he can share and learn whilst brewing.
Soon to open is his very own dream called Taawonhub: in Arabic, Taawon is to ​Preserve and celebrate history, culture, and society. Basically, it means Collaboration. Khalid is here to set up and collaborate with the local community.

Khalid Almalki 2

It is a place to celebrate, share, and connect the coffee ​community.

“My inspiration is in creating ART, in music, in photography…The aim of my place is to be a platform that connects all lovers of coffee and Creative artists within a space where there is no barrier to learn.”

Look out for Khalid when you are in Saudi Arabia. He loves to chat all things coffee. (he might even give you a cheeky Welcome hug)

Article by Ewgenija and Darren Meachem, Darren is a Coffee professional,
and the 2nd of 2019 Australian Northern regional World AeroPress Championship

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