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Humanity runs on coffee, let’s celebrate the global coffee community by empowering baristas to reach their fullest potential, bring faith and voices to baristas.

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Introducing The Brewing Guide.

This is a coffee project generate from and give back to the community, building connections by giving a new platform to you and baristas through sharing coffee recipes.

Our Mission

“To celebrate the coffee community

by empowering baristas to

reach their fullest potential”

Drinking coffee is probably the one daily habit that we all share on a global level. However, we rarely know how much effort has gone into a great cup of coffee. Through each stage of the value chain, we have numerous coffee enthusiasts working hard with incredible passion, love, and goodwill.

Baristas prepare our favorite wake-me-up beverages while combating financial stress and sleep-deprived customers. It’s time to acknowledge their work, skills, and knowledge. At I’M NOT A BARISTA, we raise up baristas, give them faith and voices through sharing coffee stories from the globe.


coffee stories shared


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It’s a t-shirt on a serious mission but going about it in an ironic way

This T-shirt can prove to be the ideal icebreaker in starting a conversation between baristas and coffee consumers. We’re not only improving our relationships with baristas but also building and increasing awareness about the world of coffee through the faces most consumers experience the coffee chain.

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#Brewathome Campaign

Through the #brewathome campaign, we are able to build a platform to connect everyone in the coffee industry. We collect and share coffee tutorials and brewing tips, organize online coffee events, also team up with hundreds of international coffee brands to deliver real value back to the community.

To me, #brewathome is an oasis of positivity during this very difficult time and a very powerful social media movement that brings together roasters, coffee accessory companies and customers. I am so happy to be a part of this and work with this incredible team of people.

Lisa LigonSales & Marketing Manager for AeroPress

Coffee is Community, and right now the Community needs to come together, to keep it together. The initiatives we’re taking will ensure that coffee lovers everywhere will continue to enjoy one of their greatest comforts in life as they self-isolate at home...

Andrew PernicanoHead of Brand at Flair Espresso

#BREWATHOME is an exact expression of what the coffee community does best: inclusion, support and togetherness. We're all feeling anxious, isolated and stripped of our normal lives so knowing there's a hub of fellow coffee lovers who are in the same position definitely helps!

Maja WisniewskaCoffee blogger, Southampton UK

Coffee really connects people! I’m really glad to be a part of something bigger with #brewathome campaign. Hoping our efforts can help people around the globe in these troubled times.

Alvin ChengCoffee blogger

Be part of the movement.

Humanity runs on coffee, join us and make a real world impact to empower people behind the cup.


Volunteers are a vital part of our team and help us in many ways. We appreciate everyone who gives us the gift of their time. Wherever you volunteer, you will make a difference!


We are looking for young talents who want to grow and shine in the real world. If you love coffee and currently studying Marketing, Design, or Project Management, it is your time to act.