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Farnood KhodaeiCoffee Stories

Farnood Khodaei

In the heart of Iran, a nation with ancient and culturally rich terrains, is a tale of dedication, challenges, and an unyielding passion for coffee. This is the journey of Farnood Khodaei, who transformed life's hurdles into stepping stones, emerging as an inspiration for countless aspiring coffee professionals. Farnood Khodaei…
18th September 2023

Discontinuation of Our Presence on Little Red Book

To our esteemed community, partners, and supporters, It is with a profound sense of responsibility and transparency that we, I'M NOT A BARISTA, announce our departure from the Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) platform. As we continuously strive to foster genuine connections with our audience and uphold the highest standards of…
17th September 2023
Melissa Stinson EVERYBODY'S BUSYCoffee Stories

Melissa Stinson

In the bustling heart of Chicago, amidst the historic streets of the Pilsen neighborhood, an unassuming sanctuary stands out – not by its grandeur, but by its soul. It's a space that boldly claims, “EVERYBODY'S BUSY”. But is everybody truly? Melissa Stinson, an entrepreneurial spirit, challenges this very notion through…
9th September 2023
Jin MumaMooCoffee Stories


Meet Jin: A Coffee Enthusiast Taking China's Coffee Culture to New Heights Get ready to step onto the aromatic grounds of Chinese coffee culture with Jin, the creative force behind MumaMoo. This brand is not just a name; it is a journey into the heart of coffee culture in China. With his tantalizing Chinese-language…
30th August 2023

Our Coffee Journey: How A Small Idea Became A Global Movement

Picture yourself as an integral part of the bustling global coffee industry. Envision being part of a spirited community that spans from the lively cafes of New York to the verdant coffee farms of Brazil. Yet, you're battling low wages, dealing with unfair practices, and struggling to adapt socially. A harsh reality…
24th August 2023