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Alfie Sajir
Coffee Stories
3rd June 2022

Alfie Sajir

“They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, ever heard of what teaspoons of espresso could ignite?” Perhaps, the Pitch Influence 2020 winner has answers. This is…
Barista Kushal singh Bist
Coffee Stories
23rd May 2022

Kushal singh Bist

Meet barista Kushal singh Bist. When talking about Nepal most of us probably think of Mount Everest, high mountain climbing, and amazing nature. Some of us would note that it…
Marketing Intern wanted poster
18th May 2022

Marketing Intern Wanted

Are you passionate about coffee? Are you looking for an opportunity to make a real-world impact with your Marketing knowledge and skills? I’M NOT A BARISTA is a Non-for-profit Organization…
Chandra Melo
Coffee Stories
19th April 2022

Chandra Melo

Chandra Melo is a passionate advocate for transparency and innovation in the coffee world. From her days as a barista to now working at a major coffee company, she has…