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Coffee Stories

Lucas Harville

By 1st March 2024April 17th, 2024No Comments1 min read

Luca, from Loveramics

Standing tall at Loveramics Booth is Lucas Harville, the general manager of Loveramics, USA,  basking in the love and connection that the coffee community brings to everyone present at the event.


He is at Shanghai Hotelex to show off Loveramics’ gorgeous ceramics, connect with other coffee enthusiasts, and grow the business, which he has been in for over 15 years. In these 15 years, Luca has owned his cafe, worked as a roaster and espresso technician, and, in his own words,


“done just about every job in here.”


Outside of coffee, he hangs out with his dogs and loves motorcycling and skiing whenever possible. But his hobbies won’t take him out of the coffee industry anytime soon, as he feels he may never retire due to the welcoming nature of the ever-growing coffee community.

His words to the coffee community:


“Stir your espresso before you drink it!”