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Our Coffee Journey: How A Small Idea Became A Global Movement

Picture yourself as an integral part of the bustling global coffee industry. Envision being part of a spirited community that spans from the lively cafes of New York to the verdant coffee farms of Brazil. Yet, you're battling low wages, dealing with unfair practices, and struggling to adapt socially. A harsh reality…
24th August 2023
Puja Thapaliya Female Barista from NepalCoffee Stories

Puja Thapaliya

Puja Thapaliya stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and hard work. Most importantly, Puja aspires to inspire women globally, particularly those who hail from Asian countries where prevailing stereotypes suggest that women lack the ability to stand alongside men. Puja proudly bears the title of the…
26th July 2023