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Coffee Archives - I'M NOT A BARISTA

Gianmarco Ierardi

Italian born barista Gianmarco Ierardi with coffee running through his veins discovered his true calling by travelling far away from the home of coffee to re-discover it. Share Tweet Share Gianmarco Ierardi In a strange turn of events, it wasn’t...
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Melissa Stinson

Being personally fulfilled and recognized for my work is how I know I succeeded. Not worrying about who's not coming in and not worrying if the bills will be paid. My journey hasn't been easy. But through ten years of working...
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Ronaldo Hurtado

How weird that some of us don’t know how much we’re going to love coffee even if you grow up in favourable surroundings. Of course, family background isn’t enough. To be really good at something, you need to put in...
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Massimiliano Mattone

Adaptability is the key to success. Well, maybe not THE key, but you could say it definitely deserves to be in the top 3 of successful tools to have at hand. Especially nowadays, when everything’s gloomy and uncertainty reigns in...
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