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Emma Niro

Coffee Stories

Javier Quiroz

Javier Quiroz’s coffee journey starts from humble beginnings: as a broke college student. He was searching for a job in order to pay for his studies in economics while fulfilling his desire to learn about the coffee industry in Mexico. Fortunately, he found a job as a barista apprentice in…
Emma Niro
3rd March 2023
Coffee Stories

Yolima Taborda Rojas

Yolima Taborda Rojas’ story begins on her parents’ coffee farm in Colombia called Finca La Vega, located in the small village of San José in the town of Amagá. (And that’s not even an exaggeration. She was born on the coffee farm.) Yolima Taborda Rojas is on a coffee farm…
Emma Niro
23rd January 2023
Coffee Stories

Helena Oliviero

When Helena Oliviero was introduced to the coffee world, she was initially using it as a stepping stone to becoming a bartender. She had started working at an Italian coffee shop in high school, and found making coffee to be “repetitive and lacking of skills.” Helena Oliviero She said, “We…
Emma Niro
9th January 2023
coffee wristbandsArticlesCoffee Wristbands

Call-to-Action for Coffeeholics!

I’M NOT A BARISTA has been raising money for Las Adelitas Café Ecológico, a non-profit feminist organization trying to: “position differentiated…coffees in the national and international markets…generating a better and environmentally friendly life.” Las Adelitas So far, we have received $658 through our Coffee Wristbands Charity Program, where    “every…
Emma Niro
11th November 2022
Kurniawan Arif MaspulCoffee Stories

Kurniawan Arif Maspul

Kurniawan Arif Maspul had his first sip of coffee from his father’s cup at the age of four. Ever since he was a little boy, he has been drinking Tubruk coffee—a type of coffee made in the traditional Indonesian form.    Although today, Kurniawan holds the title of Coffee Value…
Emma Niro
31st October 2022
Coffee Stories

Fabienne Braun

Fabienne Braun was fortunate enough to get acquainted with coffee culture from all around the world. At the age of fifteen, she took on an apprenticeship as an optician and became knowledgeable in the “psychology of retail.” Fabienne Braun Little did Fabienne realize that, while she was being entranced by cafes…
Emma Niro
26th September 2022

A Piping Hot Cup of Female Empowerment Goes Overseas

I’M NOT A BARISTA is excited to announce that we will be attending MICE (the Melbourne International Coffee Expo). For those that are not aware, MICE was established in 2012, and quickly became known as the biggest and most anticipated coffee event of the year in the Asia Pacific. About…
Emma Niro
7th September 2022
Nathierah FredericksCoffee Stories

Nathierah Fredericks

I’M NOT A BARISTA is honored to interview Nathierah Fredericks, a brilliant woman from Cape Town who was the team leader of the content writing intern group. Before we say a bittersweet farewell to this amazing writer and friend who is moving on to an incredible opportunity, we would like…
Emma Niro
2nd September 2022
Ömer Faruk Şahin notabarisaCoffee Stories

Ömer Faruk Şahin

Ömer Faruk Şahin’s first sip of Turkish coffee turned his whole world upside down. Before that first sip, Ömer said, “I was working in a private company as a mechanical technician, but I knew that this profession was not going to be permanent; I was always looking for a job…
Emma Niro
23rd August 2022
Juan Angel WelchezCoffee Stories

Juan Angel Welchez

Coffee runs in Juan Angel Welchez’s veins. If anyone was destined to go into the coffee industry, it was him. To him, coffee is more than a drink; it is a connection, a bond. This love of coffee began with Juan’s grandfather, making him a third-generation Honduran coffee farmer. Juan…
Emma Niro
15th August 2022