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A Piping Hot Cup of Female Empowerment Goes Overseas

By 7th September 2022No Comments4 min read

I’M NOT A BARISTA is excited to announce that we will be attending MICE (the Melbourne International Coffee Expo). For those that are not aware, MICE was established in 2012, and quickly became known as the biggest and most anticipated coffee event of the year in the Asia Pacific. About 11,000 attendees come to connect with

“café owners, roasters, equipment manufacturers, service suppliers and more to facilitate real business opportunities.”


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We will also get to witness The Barista League: a barista competition coming to Melbourne this year!


“12 teams compete across 3 rounds of coffee challenges to be crowned champions and win some truly incredible prizes.”

If this doesn’t already sound amazing, The Barista League will be throwing a party—with drinks, dancing, and DJ—as well as a chance to network with coffee people. If you want to party and join the caffeine high of your life or compete and win some epic prizes, you can apply now at!

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Moreover, if you do decide to compete, you can compete with a good cause in mind. I’M NOT A BARISTA will send you a free T-shirt to wear during The Barista League. Even small things like wearing a T-shirt that signifies giving back to people in the coffee community can bring greater awareness to those who still cannot seem to understand how many people are behind a single cup of coffee. Please sign up here before Sep 11th. 


 Proud Mary Coffee Roasters – Wellington St

29 September 2022
10 AUD


So what will I’M NOT A BARISTA be doing at two huge events?

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AREMDE Espresso Machine

I’MNAB will be setting up a booth at MICE, thanks to AREMDE—a company that makes espresso machines by hand in Brisbane. AREMDE has been kind enough to lend us a space in their section. (If you wish to know more about these amazing espresso machines, please visit!) 

Most importantly, we are coming to MICE and The Barista League to raise funds to aid a female coffee organization in Mexico via the new wristband design, which portrays female empowerment in the coffee industry. We would like to thank Olgun Kasikçi—art director and illustrator—for this beautiful design. Our goal is to raise about $500 USD (200 wristbands). 

If you would like to support us, you can visit us at AREMDE’s booth at MICE, you can scan the QR code and pick a wristband yourself. The price of a wristband is equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee. But just like a cup of coffee, you don’t need to limit yourself to one wristband. You can purchase as many as you would like!

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New wristband design by Olgun


Female Empowerment Wristbands

Before you jump at the chance of buying this really cool wristband, I’MNAB would like to give you some information about the coffee organization that we are donating to. The organization is called Las Adelitas Café Ecológico, a non-profit feminist organization trying to

 “position differentiated…coffees in the national and international market…generating a better and environmentally friendly life.”

 Las Adelitas Café Ecológico

Las Adelitas Café Ecológico

The organization initially emerged in the Municipality of Tenango de Doria, State of Hidalgo. It was inspired by women during the time of the Revolution who, 

“in addition to preparing pot coffee on the battlefields, carried out activities such as propagating revolutionary ideas, passing telegrams and emails, distributing weapons to allied groups, nurses, cooks and soldaderas.”

However, they were never recognized for their courage. Today, Las Adelitas Café Ecológico wishes to 

“vindicate their struggle and their history, making visible the work that peasant, indigenous, and small coffee producer women and organic farming carry out.”

Their mission is to create new developments socially, economically, and environmentally for their region as well as the coffee families that occupy it. 

I’M NOT A BARISTA’s mission has always been to help and empower the people behind your daily cup of coffee. Will you join us in helping coffee people from around the world? It’s simple, really. It can all start with a wristband.

For more information, please visit: