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Call-to-Action for Coffeeholics!

By 11th November 2022May 16th, 2023No Comments4 min read

Coffee Wristbands 50% OFF

Every wristband purchased enacts a positive impact on the lives of those in the local coffee community.

I’M NOT A BARISTA has been raising money for Las Adelitas Café Ecológico, a non-profit feminist organization trying to:

“position differentiated…coffees in the national and international markets…generating a better and environmentally friendly life.”


Las Adelitas

So far, we have received $658 through our Coffee Wristbands Charity Program, where 


“every wristband purchased enacts a positive impact on the lives of those in the local coffee community.”


These wristbands have been designed by beloved artists within the coffee community, and have proven to be very successful. 

Coffee Wristbands in Thailand

Coffee Wristbands in Thailand

For instance, in the past, we have worked with Pack Katisomsakul, the owner of 50 Milk Street, a coffee shop in Thailand. After collaborating with him, Pack was able to raise $750 USD and used the money to buy local, coffee farming communities 750 Geisha and Java plants. 

coffee wristband world map

coffee wristband world map

But Pack’s story is just the beginning. We have worked with people from all across the world and would like to give a personal shoutout to Seven Fortunes in Dubai, Zura Coffee in India, Tanty in Jakarta, Prism coffee works in South Korea, Margo Coffee Education in Russia, Common Ground Cafe in Malaysia, Olla Express Coffee in the United States, Coa Coffee in Mexico, Full City Coffee in Argentina, Tigger T/A Curious Typhoon in the Netherlands, and Galore coffee in Germany.

Despite all of our previous successes, we are hoping to raise more money for Las Adelitas Café Ecológico, and we are asking you to join us in this project to allow these amazing women to continue making

“visible the work that peasant, indigenous, and small coffee producer women and organic farming carry out.”


Although we sold 270 wristbands, after banking fees, taxes, production costs, shipping, and money used to promote the wristbands at a barista championship event are included, we are only left with $150 USD for these women. This charity program is a labor of love, and we would be grateful for your support.

From November 11th to November 30th, our wristbands will be at a discounted price of $2 per wristband and $8 per set, with four different designs to choose from. All profits will go to this organization. We would like to donate $200 more to these hardworking women by the end of November. 


So get your wristbands now and help the women of Las Adelitas Café Ecológico be able to carry out their mission: to create new developments socially, economically, and environmentally for their region and the coffee families within that region.

maxresdefaultAlso, I’M NOT A BARISTA would like to announce some exciting news about the release of our book 101 Coffee Stories, which contains 101 stories from farmers, baristas, roasters, competitors, and many others from all around the world. We have about a month left to reach our goal of raising $11,600 to produce the book that you want! If you would like to continue supporting us, please purchase your 101 Coffee Stories book on our Kickstarter page and spread the word to your fellow coffeeholics! If you refer a friend or a family member, you can earn 25% cashback. The link is on the Kickstarter page.