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It is more than a simple wristband, it is the connection bridging you and the global coffee community. This special set includes THREE different wristbands by coffee artists Nükhet Çubukçular, Timofey Logachev,  Guadalupe Delgadillo, (Sorry, Olgun Kaşıkçı’s design is sold out).

All wristbands are made of elastic fabric that is stretchable, and comfortable to wear in all seasons. They are durable, and nicely printed with perfect representation of the original design in terms of colours and details. 

*All profit from our coffee wristbands will be used to help coffee people in need.

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Be part of the coffee movement

Working as a barista means being a true craftsman! From balancing the social needs of the role with accurate execution that honors the coffee itself to take you around the world in a single cup, a good barista brings you your favorite beverage with skills developed over years of intensive training, dedication, and passion. We want to work with you to change the professional image of baristas. Humanity runs on coffee, let’s help baristas together.





Wristbands Charity Partners


Check out our most frequently asked questions.

What is the Coffee Wristbands Charity Program?

Coffee Wristbands Charity Program aims to bridge you and your local coffee community, and the international coffee people from all over the world. Coffee Wristbands is a fundraising program that brings coffee artists together for collaborations on projects that give back to the coffee community.

How does the charity program works?

1. The I’M NOT A BARISTA team supports collaborations with coffee professionals worldwide. We showcase their ideas, recipes, and designs, and translate their needs into action.
2. We collaborate with coffee shops that share our values of giving back to the coffee community.
3. Together, we make direct donations to baristas in need using the proceeds from the coffee wristbands.
4. You can help a coffee professional by purchasing a coffee wristband from us or our partners. This greatly supports the local and global coffee community.

When you purchase a coffee wristband directly from I’M NOT A BARISTA, the profits will go to the #tipabarista campaign, which donates directly to coffee professionals through international wire transfer. However, all our charity partners are required to donate a minimum of 50% of the coffee wristband profit to their local coffee community. This means that the profit will be used to help coffee professionals in our charity partner’s city or country. We believe this is the best way to create a movement of Doing Good and help our local coffee community, and we hope to inspire other businesses to do the same.

Can I trust I'M NOT A BARISTA?

To keep this program as transparent as possible, we build a special page where you can track what we do with the funds raised from the coffee wristbands.

You can track I’M NOT A BARISTA’s charity progress here We will publish the charity status and progress later, stay tuned.

Where does the money go when I donate to your organization?

Purchasing the wristband directly from I’M NOT A BARISTA helps the coffee community by donating 100% of the profit to a barista in need. If the wristband is purchased through one of our partners, at least 50% of the funds go to local baristas in need.

How can I partner with the organization?

Interested in joining us? Access the application form available on our website, answer a few simple questions and choose the wristband package you are more interested in. Then send the application form, and become our charity partner today!

Is it available in my country?

We’re excited to get our coffee wristbands out to coffee lovers all over the world. Unfortunately, international shipping can be a bit tricky during these times of global pandemic. We’re doing our best to find a solution to get our wristbands delivered to your doorstep. If you don’t see a shipping option during checkout on our web store, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Can I give my support if there are no charity partners in my country?

Absolutely! You can conveniently purchase the coffee wristbands directly from our website with the assurance that your contribution will go towards supporting baristas in need and the coffee community.

How can I make a donation to your organization?

If you like what we do here at I’M NOT A BARISTA, there are a few ways you can contribute.

  1. Make a direct donation here
  2. Make a purchase on our webshop here
  3. Become a partner and let’s do good together here

What is your organization’s mission?

To celebrate the coffee community by empowering baristas to reach their fullest potential. Read more about us here.


What is your return policy for opened wristbands?

Hello! We’re sorry to inform you that we cannot process refunds or returns for The Coffee Wristbands. We hope you understand that the program is for a good cause, and all profits go towards supporting those in need. We greatly appreciate your support and generosity in helping us make a positive impact in the world. Thank you for your understanding.

6 reviews for Coffee Wristbands Set

  1. Regina Begum

    Words cant even express the feeling of wearing the wrist band. Feel good feel though once pull in the hand. Good fabric too:)

  2. Regina Begum

    Words cant even express the feeling of wearing the wrist band. Feels really good though once pull in the hand. Good fabric too! Love the design. Very creative. Really creates a good community:)

    • Notabarista

      Thank you so much 🙂 Glad you like it. Soon we shall make the first donation to the Indian coffee community, and a big shoutout to Zura for helping us distribute the wristbands and raising funds.

      Humanity runs on coffee.

  3. Bhavi Patel

    Love having the coffee wristband. It’s reversible, the design is super cool, and it goes with everything I wear. The wristband lets me carry my love for coffee on my wrist, all the time, everywhere! I am so glad I bought this coffee wristband and I am thankful for everybody who contributed to making these bands and helping them reach so many people around the world. If you love coffee, this is one wristband you must have!

    • Notabarista

      Thanks for the comment, we are so glad you like the wristbands 🙂 A big shoutout to our volunteer designers who share the same love and passion for coffee like us.

  4. Fatima Bejarano

    Loved it, its a lovely (REVERSIBLE!) design and the material is comfortable and lightweight.

  5. Neeraj Pathak

    Amazing Bands, Just love the design and comfort of these. They are so beautifully designed, have been asked about these bands by various strangers. The best Part is although the story behind these and the cause for which I’M NOT A BARISTA is working.

  6. elena

    They are beautiful and comfortable to wear, love them.

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