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Coffee Stories

Efe Kahya

By 24th April 2024No Comments4 min read

Art can be inspirational through many forms and mediums, but for Efe Kahya, he finds it in smooth, rich, and unique cups of coffee. Efe’s passion for coffee began in 2016 when he was served a V60 pour-over at his local shop, which ultimately led to the beginning of his career as a barista


Efe Kahya

Efe Kahya


“The taste of that coffee was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. It was smooth, rich, and had a unique flavor that I could not put my finger on. I was left with one thought in my mind, ‘What is this drink I’m having, and how can I learn to make it?’”


Efe’s coffee journey began at Troika Coffee Roastery. Although Efe was a university student studying marine transportation and management at the time, he spent a lot of free moments at Troika Coffee. His respect for the coffee-making process was sparked by Troika’s founder, Emre Bereket


Eight years later, Efe now works as a head barista at Ru Coffee House in Urla, Izmir,  Turkey. Although Efe’s first transforming experience with coffee started with a cup of V60 pour-over, Efe’s memories of coffee began long before that. In his childhood, Efe recalls coffee as a love language between family and friends. Growing up, Efe’s household indulged in at least five cups of coffee a day to pair with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It even served as a treat in the middle of the night. After discovering the depth of flavor that coffee can hold, Efe became hooked on the craft. 


“My passion for coffee started to take over my life. I began to experiment with different brewing methods and even started drawing with coffee. During the pandemic, I started collecting my own equipment and built a small coffee brewing bar in my home. This allowed me to continue to experiment with different brewing techniques and develop new skills.”


Efe Kahya, head barista at Ru coffee

Efe Kahya, head barista at Ru coffee

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Efe faced a couple of hardships throughout his career in coffee. Buying the necessary brewing equipment taught him what he needed to know, but the machinery’s cost took a toll financially, especially during a time when the economy was struggling greatly. 


But, through these challenges, Efe has nurtured a deep appreciation not only for literal cups of coffee but for the process that it takes to serve those drinks. Coffee-making is an art that not a lot of consumers see, but that baristas experience on a daily basis. 


“It’s not just about the taste, but the entire process from bean to cup. I believe that each cup of coffee tells a unique story, and I am passionate about sharing that with others. I think it’s important to educate people about the origins of coffee and the importance of sustainability in the industry.”


Another one of Efe’s difficulties within the coffee community is anxiety about the future. Due to the continuous economic struggles that Turkey is facing, keeping up in the industry can be an exhausting marathon. Efe’s concerns lie mostly within the stability of his livelihood, and if the coffee business can sustain that. 


In order to power through these fears, Efe turns to self-motivation and hope. He advises others to do the same by trying new things and listening to the stories of those around them to write their own. Efe is all about new perspectives and insights. He sees life as a journey, with each chapter presenting various opportunities to grow. 


“I respect coffee and try to share my passion for it. I try to plant a coffee seed in the souls of others, just like what happened to me.”


Efe feels pride when he looks back on how far he’s come as a barista and coffee lover. Efe plans to continue learning as a barista, but aspires to open his coffee shop one day, where customers can learn about the history of coffee while enjoying good company.