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Coffee Stories

Javier Quiroz

By 3rd March 2023No Comments3 min read

Javier Quiroz’s coffee journey starts from humble beginnings: as a broke college student. He was searching for a job in order to pay for his studies in economics while fulfilling his desire to learn about the coffee industry in Mexico. Fortunately, he found a job as a barista apprentice in a coffee shop in his hometown Chihuahua


“I never believed or expected that coffee would become my way of life.”


Javier Quiroz

Since joining the coffee industry seven years ago, Javier has collaborated with tasters, roasters, producers, baristas, and more at a national level.  


In 2021, Javier Quiroz moved to Chiapas, the first coffee producing state in Mexico, where he was able to gain more knowledge and bring his skills to another level. So what made Javier stay in this beloved industry? He said it comes down to the 


“incredible number of passionate people who continue to seek improvement in the industry from all areas and that give meaning to the work we do every day.”


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Javier Quiroz

Javier also had a life-changing experience when he visited a coffee plantation for the first time in a peasant community in Chiapas. After Javier realizing the potential this plantation had, he had a mission in mind: to let people know 


“more about the incredible potential that Mexico hides as a producing country.”


Despite the passion Javier has for the industry, it does not come without some challenges. An increase in wages needs to happen and people need to begin to appreciate the knowledge and talent a person in any position in the industry can contribute. For instance, being a barista is very underappreciated, yet it can be argued that the position and the experiences it provides is the key to unifying the gastronomic industry. Moreover, Javier is very aware of the lack of ethics and sustainability when it comes to producing, selling, or purchasing coffee.


Currently, Javier is attempting to expose the issues that are present in the day-to-day experiences of the industry, such as submitting his story to I’M NOT A BARISTA. He is also trying to fix the problems within the industry by working with producers to improve the conditions. 


“under which they sell their coffee and revalue it.”


Despite these issues that Javier is trying to fix, when asked what success looks like to him, he said,


“Loving what I do everyday.”


He has also noticed that the coffee industry is changing for the better. People are beginning to understand and learn who produces the coffee and where it is originating from. However, a lot of progress still needs to be made. With all this in mind, Javier believes that, while you may have to be brave in the face of adversity,


“dreams do come true.”


When Javier is not working, he can be found listening to music of all genres or doing some photography.


If you would like to meet Javier, don’t be afraid to stop by at San Cristóbal de Las Casas! He would love to have a cup of coffee with you.