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Barista Archives - I'M NOT A BARISTA

Wendelien van Bunnik

barista story
Snobby baristas make Wendelien van Bunnik nervous. That might be because she’s just about as welcoming, enthusiastic, and encouraging as they come.  Wendelien van Bunnik Despite winning one world and two Dutch national championships in a single year, Wendelien continues to expand her...
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Ken Braz

Ken Braz is a driven barista that focuses on his passion to make his signature coffees. Having just moved to Mallorca, Spain during the pandemic from Berlin, Germany Ken Braz shares his struggles, biggest achievements and journey discovering coffee.  “Coffee...
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Piotr Skoczylas

Piotr Skoczylas coffee story
Good relationships brew great coffee: Piotr Skoczylas shares about bringing coffee to people during a pandemic Piotr Skoczylas recounts the first time stepping into a specialty coffee shop as an intimidating experience for many people. We do not understand much...
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Juliya Drozdova

"Coffee is an important part of life for a huge number of people. By improving our work, we improve our living environment." Juliya Drozdova Juliya Drozdova is making pour-over coffee Meet Juliya Drozdova, a barista trainer from Russia. Her adoration...
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Ońüulcan Torlak

Ońüulcan Torlak has been captivated by coffee ever since he had his first sip. Living in Turkey, Ońüulcan Torlak has built up a prosperous career as a roaster- after hearing his thoughts on coffee, it is clear that this is...
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Gianmarco Ierardi

Italian born barista Gianmarco Ierardi with coffee running through his veins discovered his true calling by travelling far away from the home of coffee to re-discover it. Share Tweet Share Gianmarco Ierardi In a strange turn of events, it wasn’t...
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Fabiola Solano

‚ÄúYou can achieve anything even if at first it seems impossible‚ÄĚ Fabiola Solano hails from Costa Rica, a country that takes pride in their high-quality production of coffee beans. Coffee has been with her throughout her life. She was first...
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Alina Firsova

Alina Firsova thrives to be the best barista she can be despite what people think of her. ‚ÄúIn the end, I would like to say - share, do what you like - and ignore anyone if it really inspires you.‚ÄĚ...
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Binny Varghese

Some people are coffee lovers, coffee connoisseurs, or coffee nerds; Binny Varghese is a coffee warrior. He‚Äôs known as ‚Äúthe barista on a bike‚ÄĚ throughout India because in 2017, he convinced his then boss to let him tour the country...
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