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Coffee Stories

Mohsen Hezarkhani

Meet Mohsen Hezarkhani, an Iranian barista who enjoys his cafe’s rush hour, loving the adrenaline that comes with beating his own personal record of most customers served in a certain time. A self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, Mohsen has worked across the…
Lauren Horton
22nd November 2021
Coffee Stories

Niki Di Landa

It's a very brave thing to be a risk taker. To put yourself out there and take the chance that you might fall flat on your face is no easy task, but it can also be extremely rewarding. I recently…
Vasileia Fanarioti
16th November 2021
Coffee Stories

Paul Asquith

The barista man wants you to look at coffee in a new light. Meet Paul Asquith, a “passionate coffee ambassador”. Paul Asquith Paul Asquith had no plans to become a barista. Instead, he had an ambition of becoming a web…
Paul Wong
8th November 2021
Coffee Stories

Conor Archbold

Meet Conor Archbold, an up-and-coming barista and coffee enthusiast from Ireland. His love for coffee is tied heavily with family memories; “I always used to drink the foam of my dad's cappuccino as a kid”.    Conor Archbold is currently…
Lauren Horton
4th November 2021
Coffee Stories

Halima Kapamba

“Follow your dreams”: Halima Kapamba shares her fascination with specialty coffee in Tanzania. Halima Kapamba recalls the first time she had a great cup of coffee. She was invited by Puzzle Coffee for a specialty coffee event where she got…
Zed Wong
28th October 2021
Coffee Stories

Yashar Karimi

Iran is known for their tea as the climate of Northern provinces is ideal for cultivating Iranian tea. Iranians, especially in colder regions of the country, drink multiple cups of tea throughout the day. Despite this, Yashar Karimi chose to go…
Pippa Chatikavanij
15th October 2021
Coffee Stories

Erdem Özmen

This week, Erdem Özmen is sharing his coffee story with us; “to prove that there is nothing wrong with being a barista”. Originally becoming a barista as a part-time job, Erdem Özmen left that Turkish cafe knowing “This is it.…
Lauren Horton
4th October 2021
Coffee Stories

Evan Fernandes

“Coffee has never abandoned me, I can not abandon it either”  This is Evan Fernandes’s Coffee Story, a Brazilian barista among other ventures, Evan has faced many trials and tribulations, none of which have discouraged him from working in an…
Lauren Horton
24th September 2021
Coffee Stories

Tachooman Ngwenya

From Football player to barista champion Tachooman Ngwenya is from Zimbabwe and currently works as a barista in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has reached out to us to share his story as he hoped to inspire baristas and coffee farmers…
Zoe Gamet
22nd September 2021