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Coffee Stories

Aline Codo

By 7th March 2023No Comments3 min read

From Telecommunication Engineering to the 15 Coffee Company. How did Aline Codo take that leap of transition into coffee from such an in-demand field? This is her coffee story.


Curiosity can be the starting point of any great invention, and in Aline Codo’s case, this was it. Her birth into a family that owned a coffee business was not the starting point for her – as is the case for most – and she decided to follow – what seemed like – her dreams, without looking back.


Ensaio Aline WEB 234

Aline Codo

Aline is a 4th generation coffee producer, as she is part of a thriving generation of coffee producers based in Coqueiral, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Although she stayed on the farm, she was part of the family business but still pursued interests outside the coffee industry.


She studied Telecommunication Engineering in the university and graduated, and was opportune to travel around the world, and at some point in her illustrious career, she worked in a broadcasting company.


For as much as she may have tried to avoid it, the family business called, and there was always a longing in her heart to answer this call. She decided to fully focus on her family business and tread the path of coffee.


“ I decided to change my engineering life to dedicate myself to this beautiful path which is to grow coffee”

Working in coffee was a breath of fresh air – literally. Aline was now working in and around nature, a place her mind had always longed for. She was not only working in nature, she was also surrounded by traces of family history everywhere she turned.


Now she gets the chance to work as a coffee farmer and at 15 Coffee Company, a micro-roastery and coffee shop started by Aline and her partners in 2020. Combining these two responsibilities, she gets to experience the whole coffee production process.


“Now I can watch the entire coffee path, from bean to cup, literally.”


Aline notes that it is always special, watching coffee cherries grow, watching the beans being roasted and brewed, and seeing the joy on people’s faces while they hold their cups of coffee. She believes that by putting positivity and good energy in all the beans she touches, everyone that also drinks the coffee will experience the same positive vibes and good energy.

Aline Codo

Aline Codo wearing I’M NOT A BARISTA T-shirt

Aline has been a supporter of I’M NOT A BARISTA for a while and shared her story with us after buying one of our T-Shirts. She hopes to keep the coffee-producing gene passed on to everyone in her generation so they still remember generations before them.


“I hope growing good coffee in a fair way is still a mission of the newest generations.”

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