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Coffee Stories

Aline Codo

From Telecommunication Engineering to the 15 Coffee Company. How did Aline Codo take that leap of transition into coffee from such an in-demand field? This is her coffee story.   Curiosity can be the starting point of any great invention, and in Aline Codo’s case, this was it. Her birth…
Coffee Stories

Chandra Melo

Chandra Melo is a passionate advocate for transparency and innovation in the coffee world. From her days as a barista to now working at a major coffee company, she has traversed the length and breadth of the coffee industry and her journey shines a light on the future for baristas…
19th April 2022
Leo Ferreira Puzzle coffeeCoffee Stories

Leo Ferreira

5 years of Puzzle Coffee - Leo Ferreira on shaping the pieces of Tanzania’s specialty coffee community On December 23rd, Puzzle Coffee will celebrate its fifth anniversary since its inception in 2016. We spoke with Leo Ferreira, owner of Puzzle, on how he has been running his store on the…
Zed Wong
23rd December 2021
Coffee Stories

Evan Fernandes

“Coffee has never abandoned me, I can not abandon it either”  This is Evan Fernandes’s Coffee Story, a Brazilian barista among other ventures, Evan has faced many trials and tribulations, none of which have discouraged him from working in an industry he loves. From being one of the first baristas…
Lauren Horton
24th September 2021
Coffee Stories

Carlos Dias

“I was born curious.” Chemistry graduate. Researcher. Barista. Coffee scientist. Hailing from the country best known for its coffee production, Carlos Dias was born and bred in the city of Juiz de Faro, Brazil. Carlos’s experience with coffee started differently considering that most of the specialty coffee that the world…
Paul Wong
20th November 2020
Coffee Stories

Francisco Siviero

Originally from Brazil’s southernmost state, a place far away from Brazil’s coffee-growing culture, Francisco Siviero started his coffee career at home, like many other Brazilians. He describes a morning ritual that is familiar to many all around the world, Francisco explains “I would wake up, have a cup of coffee with…
11th November 2020
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Priscila Pinho

Have you ever seen a cuter image? Probably not. But don’t be fooled by the bandaged smiley face; this woman is tough and has been exposed to some of the worst conditions imaginable in the coffee industry.  Priscila began her coffee journey as naive as the next person. She started…
Madeline and Jennie.
20th September 2020