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Zed Wong

Angela K Coffee Stories

Angela K

For Angela K the Beatlemaniac, all you need is love… with plenty of tea and coffee! Angela is the founder of The Tea Giver Project. She delivers boxes of tea to others so that they can seek soothing comfort in a warm cup and find healing within their day. Since…
Zed Wong
8th June 2022
Natalia Obruch Coffee Stories

Natalia Obruch

From cinema school to coffee mixology: how Natalia Obruch found artistry in coffee? Natalia Obruch has been in coffee since 2008, as a barista trainer, coffee consultant and event manager. When the pandemic hit home in March 2020, she was faced with the biggest challenge of her entire career, as…
Zed Wong
19th March 2022
Geoffrey Michelmore Coffee Stories

Geoffrey Michelmore

Their “coffee machine with the big hole in the middle'' has been a hit with baristas around the world. AREMDE’s Geoffrey Michelmore says success depends on the people you surround yourself with. Geoffrey Michelmore How might we improve a consumer’s specialty coffee experience? When Geoffrey and his team at AREMDE…
Zed Wong
18th January 2022
Leo Ferreira Leo Ferreira Puzzle coffeeCoffee Stories

Leo Ferreira

5 years of Puzzle Coffee - Leo Ferreira on shaping the pieces of Tanzania’s specialty coffee community On December 23rd, Puzzle Coffee will celebrate its fifth anniversary since its inception in 2016. We spoke with Leo Ferreira, owner of Puzzle, on how he has been running his store on the…
Zed Wong
23rd December 2021
Halima Kapamba Halima KapambaCoffee Stories

Halima Kapamba

“Follow your dreams”: Halima Kapamba shares her fascination with specialty coffee in Tanzania. Halima Kapamba recalls the first time she had a great cup of coffee. She was invited by Puzzle Coffee for a specialty coffee event where she got to experience different methods of brewing filter coffee. This was…
Zed Wong
28th October 2021
Jessie Gao Jessie Gao barista storyCoffee Stories

Jessie Gao

Curating a barista’s journey: Jessie Gao recounts the moments that have inspired her progress It was 5 AM when Jessie Gao arrived in Hoi An after an overnight journey by bus. She was on a backpacking trip in Vietnam in 2016 and had some time to spare before the day…
Zed Wong
19th July 2021
Betty Wee Betty WeeCoffee Stories

Betty Wee

Brewing with grit and beauty: Betty Wee’s journey from graphic design to building her own coffee brand. In her teenage years, Betty Ween left her hometown of Miri in Sarawak, Malaysia. Her dad had found work in neighbouring Brunei, and the family was moving there to stay together. Betty had always…
Zed Wong
16th July 2021
Sierra Yeo 文欣 Sierra Yeo_NOT A BARISTACoffee Stories

Sierra Yeo 文欣

Look Ma, 文欣 Sierra Yeo’s raising the bar: meet the diversity champion leading change for a more equitable coffee scene How can we make the coffee industry more inclusive and accessible? Sierra Yeo For Sierra Yeo, the barriers to growth have long been a frustrating source of motivation. This stems…
Zed Wong
19th May 2021