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Pierangely Parada Pierangely Parada, owner of Solo coffee protecting Mayan cultureCoffee Stories

Pierangely Parada

Pierangely Parada is a coffee lover, entrepreneur, and “full-time mom” who has built her life around her passion for coffee. Pierangely Parada (left), owner of Solo Coffee, dedicated to preserving Mayan culture. Raised by parents from Xalapa, Veracruz, one of Mexico's coffee-producing regions, Pierangely Parada grew up surrounded by the rich…
Mission completed: the donation for LAS ADELITAS was successfully made Coffee WristbandsNews

Mission completed: the donation for LAS ADELITAS was successfully made

Thanks to our dear Fatima Bejarano, we made contact with the Mexican farm Las Adelitas, and this partnership reached its primary goal of helping the latter.  Las Adelitas is a nonprofit feminist organization headquartered in Tenango de Doria, in the state of Hidalgo, whose entire structure is composed of female…
Sofia Illescas
26th April 2023
Javier Quiroz Coffee Stories

Javier Quiroz

Javier Quiroz’s coffee journey starts from humble beginnings: as a broke college student. He was searching for a job in order to pay for his studies in economics while fulfilling his desire to learn about the coffee industry in Mexico. Fortunately, he found a job as a barista apprentice in…
Emma Niro
3rd March 2023
Viviana Adame Viviana Adame coffee storyCoffee Stories

Viviana Adame

“HUMANITY RUNS ON COFFEE.” This phrase has been running around the world, on snapback hats, T-Shirts, hoodies, and now, on coffee wristbands. Viviana Adame’s story is another proof of the tight-knitted-ness of the coffee community. But before we get to Viviana, there's another name that is essential to this story:…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
27th October 2022
Rodolfo Barranco Rodolfo BarrancoCoffee Stories

Rodolfo Barranco

Aeropress Regional Competition Finalist of 2021, Rodolfo Barranco, always dreamed of being the one behind the bar preparing coffee. Rodolfo, now 23 years old, hails from Mexico City and has been working with coffee for six years. Next on his agenda is reaching the finals in the National Latte Art…
Nathierah Fredericks
29th August 2022
Tania Villegas Tania Villegas brewing coffeeCoffee Stories

Tania Villegas

Tania Villegas is a barista and actress from Mexico, we spoke to her about navigating both areas and her connection to coffee.    Tania initially was not going to share her story but her friends encouraged her. She sent it because if it resonated with someone else then she is…
Mollie Sprigg
28th March 2022
Xitlally Guerrero This is barista Xitlally Guerrero studying coffeeCoffee Stories

Xitlally Guerrero

In a story that is particularly touching, we have decided to share a minorly edited version of the application form that was submitted to us. This week’s donation will be given to Xitlally Guerrero, a barista who has continued to learn despite serious hurdles thrown in her direction. In the…
Anna S, Lauren H, and Zoé G
15th September 2021
Berenice Cortés Coffee Stories

Berenice Cortés

Having studied administration at high school,  Berenice Cortés turned away from following a career in her field of study after taking inspiration from her mother, who had been working with coffee for many years. “At first I did not know what she was doing at work but when I saw her…
Josef Mott
25th November 2020