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Nathierah Fredericks

Creative writer and storyteller from the Southern tip of Africa, Cape Town.

Younes Salehi Coffee Stories

Younes Salehi

Iranian barista and roaster, Younes Salehi, was drawn to coffee at a young age. His dive into the coffee industry began when he was just 19 years old. Today, he is a researcher at Flexibar Machines which produces handcrafted coffee bar equipment. With 10 years under his belt, Younes hopes…
Nathierah Fredericks
27th February 2023
James Harper Coffee Stories

James Harper

Italian-Australian, James Harper, is the founder and host of Filter Stories—a podcast on the extraordinary stories behind a cup of coffee. Although his podcast features stories on others, among other aspects of coffee, today’s story focuses on the host himself. James Harper James grew up in Sydney, Australia, and initially…
Nathierah Fredericks
5th February 2023
Wayne Shih Coffee Stories

Wayne Shih

Coffee has been a part of Wayne Shih’s life for about 30 years. Today, he is the owner of a tiny coffee shop in Taiwan and is well-known for his content on his YouTube channel, where he has over 100K subscribers. Here, he simplifies complicated aspects surrounding coffee and shares…
Nathierah Fredericks
4th January 2023
André Eiermann Coffee Stories

André Eiermann

The first time André Eiermann had his first cup of coffee was during the interview for a Junior Coffee Trader position. After the interview, André was convinced that coffee was his destiny. On the hunt for an adventure, he was especially interested in traveling to the various origins of coffee.…
Nathierah Fredericks
30th September 2022
Kerem Helvacıoglu Kerem HelvacıogluCoffee Stories

Kerem Helvacıoglu

Kerem Helvacıoglu: half human and half coffee. One of our Coffee Wristbands’ designers, Nükhet Çubukçular, chose Kerem as one of the recipients of the profits from her design. This is Kerem Helvacıoglu's story. Kerem Helvacıoglu Kerem’s story begins with his grandmother, who he’s always admired as she worked behind the…
Nathierah Fredericks
12th September 2022
Rodolfo Barranco Rodolfo BarrancoCoffee Stories

Rodolfo Barranco

Aeropress Regional Competition Finalist of 2021, Rodolfo Barranco, always dreamed of being the one behind the bar preparing coffee. Rodolfo, now 23 years old, hails from Mexico City and has been working with coffee for six years. Next on his agenda is reaching the finals in the National Latte Art…
Nathierah Fredericks
29th August 2022
Vivito Yeptho Coffee Stories

Vivito Yeptho

It’s hard to believe that for Vivito Yeptho, Co-founder and Managing Director of Nagaland Coffee, coffee used to be nothing more than a black beverage with a swirl of milk. The out-of-the-box thinker endeavored to bring change to India, where tea is the predominant beverage. This is Vivito’s journey through…
Nathierah Fredericks
4th August 2022
Lars Aaen Thøgersen Lars Aaen ThøgersenCoffee Stories

Lars Aaen Thøgersen

Lars Aaen Thøgersen is the Chief Innovation and Circular Transformation Officer at Löfbergs, and Head of Communication at Peter Larsen Kaffe. Lars’ primary mission in the coffee industry is to determine what is needed to innovate businesses in a way that gives back value to coffee farmers in a sustainable…
Nathierah Fredericks
12th July 2022
Ali Alavi Ali Alavi barista storyCoffee Stories

Ali Alavi

Iranian coffee author of Sensory Book: Evaluation of Flavor Notes, Ali Alavi, developed his love for coffee at a young age and believes that knowledge surrounding coffee is a bottomless drink. This is his story. Ali Alavi coffee story Before dipping his toes in the coffee industry, Ali was a…